Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa says country is ‘safe’ – BBC News

my lunch without evidence is that to the people aggrieved I buy the uterus position but until evidence is work for it and I do you pin down as to why has this happened when you get the person you didn’t tell us is history and if it was up what happened and why did that person what do you need what is it your sense that this is one disgruntled individual or a conspiracy I think this is there a political action aggrieved by the current the response to this going to be a security Compton even intended to distribute to the country know the law and order the country but don’t cause we must make sure the population is protected by make sure we hunted down in this criminals and cut them Isis the extent to which the network is Prince is this country stable when you have an attempt on the life of the president when an assassin the would-be Assassin can get within a few inches of you in terms of stability extremely stiff and I don’t think anybody dude what about the instant rally around her the people who supported her HST somebody who has used eBay at about 8 to see things we should know this is at all but it was easy to buy those who wanted to get it to me as myself talking about moving to a newzimbabwe.com tree of Hope with respect mr. president you were so much part of the old Zimbabwe when you were in cabinet when opposition leaders were being beaten and being tortured you were part of all that people believe that you changed everything is what I am doing the action what the engine have the police are new every move those with open space than 103 crocodile has its roots in the Revolutionary War with the crocodile is also a very patient and ruthless animal do those characteristics describe you do you think patient and ruthless this is a very Softee person in life my brother you should understand that but I would suspect you’re retarded because you’re afraid so much bad publicity which is something to you I don’t blame you then if you’re man enough you come into pussy

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