World Cup 2018: Flying the flag for both teams – BBC News

british-born Colombian resume McCartney Colombian for me Kings Road I feel lucky to have a lot of traits from both of my coaches so like if I I know what it is to to eat fish and chips I know what it is to understand Cockney rhyming slang just a nice London I understand you know I love being The Londoner but I’m also very proud to have the coach of the Colombian culture that have been mean to be able to one of the kids on silent I speak Spanish top Striker hurricane against Defender we would be in the position that we are in between Colombia and England just off of the group stages I would have called you a liar it’s hard to choose between the two it’s hard being torn in between the two by two coaches my mama to Lux how was it you don’t get this all done saying with the English man you got 5
England play Colombia in the round of 16 knock out match on Tuesday.
Most fans know exactly who they will be cheering for. But for two friends from London, who are in Russia for the match, it’s not so simple.
Ian and Jeff are British Colombians who are torn between the two countries for the crucial World Cup game.

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