World Cup 2018: England defeats Colombia in penalty kicks

England defeated Colombia in penalty kicks at the World Cup Tuesday having a losing streak that has haunted English soccer fan it is the first time that England has won a penalty shootout at a major tournament since 1996 Holly Foster from our partners at BBC News in Moscow with the later I’m going straight through to the quarter-finals types of a hurricane penalty but when Columbia equalizer remain with the Towering Heather to play the game into extra-time at Moscow spartak stayed and we just knew that the last place in the courses decided on penalty brilliant saves in the shootout but Columbia roll so hit the ball with one of those fault cakes and it was down to Eric dier England V penalty-taker with the chops to take England through which he did High School finish that first success in the World Cup shootout that was that a tubal ligation incredible on the page that caves of penalty pain lifted with one single on Saturday in samarra stop light bait Switzerland in St Petersburg the game of incident that one just one just like to go from ml. Separated them Sweden celebrating the reaching that first World Cup quarter-final for 24 years easiest side of the draw with a possible semi-final against Russia or Croatia should they get past England so we get to see the top of half guy first on Friday I will need them because the closer we got to the final that’s so much more at stake Elena
England snapped a two-decade losing streak Tuesday when they beat Colombia in penalty kicks. Sweden also squeaked by Switzerland beating them 1-0. England will go on to face Sweden on July 7th. BBC Sport correspondent Olly Foster recaps the dramatic match.

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