Women facing sexual assault amid South Sudan civil war

we’re following a potential historic peace deal in South Sudan the country’s president and former vice president who’s now the main opposition leader have agreed to a permanent ceasefire South Sudan is the world’s newest country that gained independence from then in 2011 but has been engulfed in a devastating Civil War for nearly 5 years and violence CBS News foreign correspondent Debora patta travel their last year and spoke with some of the women about their traumatic experiences and their will to survive inside this refugee camp stories of circulated in Woodford in hushed tones women television g********* repeatedly by government soldiers there is not enough future so the women must leave the cancer trying to earn a few dollars selling firewood as soon as these women leave these Gates they become extremely vulnerable outside on soldiers Patrol up and down the roads and pray on these women when they go deep into the forest to collect firewood someone told her she was raped by three soldiers in my in just the hot to the salmon area she and her children said the fighting for the camp and what she thought was a safe haven but a few weeks ago she was attacked and raped again she was also collecting wood among them she said we were each raped by three or four soldiers for an African woman raped carries the stigma of shame that is hard to I thought I wouldn’t be able to live again she said I am not thinking about life you all cool set the front Gates of the camp until loose on six their job is to identify rape victims there is a secret code to go for confidential treatment while we were waiting at the camp gate one evening this woman told her she was attacked by soldiers she managed to escape but her friend was left behind to a terrible fate they told it to sit down and hit her with rifles she said it is a story that wouldn’t surprise any woman here everyone knows that happens but nobody wants to break the culture Silence by speaking out never Pat is with me now from Johannesburg South Africa Deborah these stories are truly difficult to hear but we have to hear them we have to know what’s what’s going on of rape how is sexual violence used as a weapon of war in this country situations of Human Rights abuses I’ve ever witnessed because living is so hard the things that happened to women they’re so so terrible and we just heard countless stories over and over again the tragic thing about South Sudan is that they the war that was used against them now and they own country against each other they continue to have sexual offences and violence against women and even in refugee camp we went to half of the woman that had been raped statistics it’s the first time in my time in the event that you might be raped some just how grave the situation is indeed and so I imagine there’s really no option in terms of Justice I mean hear you have a country that’s probably in chaos is there even a criminal justice system that could attempt to deal with what these women are going through to prosecute if it is on the side of the government’s so frequently the country for the past five years not getting Justice at all we’ll talk a little bit about this peace deal between the president and the former vice-president seem to hold more promise how much sugar does angry I think that is exactly the point that this is a piece Still on paper and his position vice president Camacho in neighboring suit have a great to rebuild the national army with both sides being in that Army much of the Civil War has watching Rick Michelle so they trying to do away with that that’s going to be extremely difficult put me down this is what that should have been done for 7 years since Independence could be a source of valuable income for the country in the future better than this is still on paper and the jury still out with us will stick and become a piece still in spirit as well 4 out of Sudan that’s not South Sudan Sudan Hussein she is the teenager that was jailed after killing her rapist husband she was forced to marry at the age of 16 she stabbed her husband to death as he attempted to rape her and she was facing the death penalty what’s going on with that case finally some good news and what is being a pretty bleak story today coming out of that part of the wall which is as you correctly pointed out the neighbor to South Sudan South Sudan used to be part of Sudan a death sentence commuted and turned away is that she still remains in jail old getting behind this campaign is inside sedan also working tirelessly to free Noor Hussain to five years in jail and massive difference in a major victory campaigning for the rights of child to do away with that issue in Sudan and Marie will some of the time and she’s already been serving apply to that 5 years I think that’s the hopes that it will apply so she could be off in a couple of days and maybe even please the children need to go to school they should not be being married nor his saying his self that’s all she wants to do is to study and she’s committed herself to becoming a lawyer and starting for the rights of children in the future and you know there are many more Zane’s out there and hopefully the International Community does not forget about them at least one victory in this case from Johannesburg thank you so much
Many women in South Sudan face not only the constant threat of sexual assault, but a culture of silence that means their plight has no end in sight.

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