Woman arrested after her 2 babies were found in a hot car during a heat wave

typically the deadliest month and this story is a warning do two small babies left inside This SUV at a California Walmart parking lot the children fatigue sweating and authorities say running out of time the temperature in that SUV Tuesday reached a staggering 122° the witness keeping the camera rolling on Facebook live as authorities arrived on the scene their mother inside saying she was running errands moments later she which is the SUV to children in a car on occupied and especially not type of the heat that’s right that could have cost them their lives this morning 34 year old and mother-of-three Crystal Reyna Gonzalez out on bail the children suffering no injuries but were released in child protective services Tucson just how quickly a hot car can turn dangerous to be the worst year ever for children I’m in hot car for organization now pushing lawmakers to act asking for all cars to be built with a child alert system signaling drivers when a passenger remains in the backseat after a car is turned off but people don’t realize how play children’s temperature rise they’ve heat up three to five times faster than an adult in the meantime so I’m pushing for Simple Solutions like Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah offering all new parents a so-called Baby safety snap the it’s a bright yellow lanyard that has a metal clip installed at the bottom that you store in Clifton to the car seat and it’s just a great visual reminder when you put your child in the car seat you put the lanyard around your neck and then when you arrive at your destination the bright yellow line I will help you remember there’s a child if for some reason you forgotten and the website kidsandcars.org has some simple tips to avoid leaving your child in the vehicle like putting something he won’t forget like your cellphone or your purse in the backseat with your child and then making sure you look back every time before locking your doors we have covered these stories every year every time their tragic and sadly there so preventable you like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
A Southern California woman was arrested after her two babies were found inside a hot car; “GMA” looks at new gadgets to help moms to keep from forgetting children in a car.

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