Witness describes deadly Maryland newspaper shooting

Cypress he was in the building when the shooting went down Keith thanks for joining us this morning so glad you’re okay I know you were working right across the hall from the Capital Gazette tell us what you saw on her thank you George my office the sales office I work in is right across the hall from the Capital Gazette and you know we have a glass front door they have a glass front door place for my desk and I can just kind of lean to the left and Seed directly from where I’m sitting all the way into their Lobby and I was on the phone with a client when I heard this noise this incredibly loud noise so loud that I knew something was wrong maybe like an explosion yeah I mean it was more than the noise I can feel it in my chest and so I cleaned out cleaned out from my desk as I you know often do to look out to the hall and in the Capital Gazette office and the door was going their door was going to be shattered it was in a million pieces on the ground in the hallway and there was a man there was a man who was holding up a black shotgun and he had it up get a brace against his chest and he was moving through the lobby he was moving to the lobby of the Capital Gazette office pointing the shotgun deeper into the office targeting specific people you know I don’t know it’s impossible for me to say if he was targeting specific people but he absolutely looks like he was targeting things inside the opposite of gun was up moving laterally you know he was moving while aiming into the office and I mean he looked like someone who was comfortable holding that weapon and and and was aiming it towards things with the intent of shooting is he saying anything I don’t know if you said anything or not I mean as soon as I saw him I duck back behind my desk and I dialed nine-one-one the police dispatcher was was incredible the police arrived very very quickly I think within a couple minutes of my making that phone call the police were there I’m sure many other people called as well I heard some indistinct yelling coming from their office while I was on the phone with the police officer and then I heard a series of gunshots more gunshots five or six again boom boom boom loud powerful gunshots coming from that office George that is that is precisely correct he did not look like someone who is out of control he looks like someone who was comfortable with what he was doing I can’t imagine what was going through your mind as you walk I’ll just go down well I mean it was terrifying right it was just he was at it was absolutely terrifying it was it was something that you know of course I had never thought in a million years it would happen to me I think like a lot of people I become kind of numb to gun violence in this country it just seems to happen over and over and over again things don’t change but you hear about it so often it’s it’s hard to become it’s hard to see passionate about it it’s hard to say excited about it when it happened to me I could I could hardly believe it it was it was as if you know it was happening to somebody else or I was outside of you know outside of myself why was happening thank you for trying this morning glad you’re okay thank you George to hear him describe a killer so comfortable what he was doing can I become numb to this community that they serve and it is really remarkable YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Keith Cyphers works across the hall from the Capital Gazette and was just feet away from the shooter when he smashed his way into the Annapolis office.

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