With Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement, What’s The Fate Of Roe V Wade? | Hardball | MSNBC

Donald Trump said very clearly that he intends to appoint Supreme Court Justice who would be willing to overturn the Court’s Landmark decision of Roe v Wade will most remarkably Trump went so far as to say there should be some form of punishment here’s my interview just to remind you within Canada Trump back in March of 2016 we have to be some form he said it and now it’s a retirement at Justice Anthony Kennedy president Trump is set to appoint his second charge this to the high court and that could have of course mass of implications for years opponents of abortion I’ve been bleeding at campaign against the right there too in courtrooms across the country it could be just a matter of time before one of those cases reach the Supreme Court Jordan right now it’s Democratic senator Maria Cantwell of Washington state and Alexis McGill Johnson of Planned Parenthood board member and executive director of the perception Institute just channeling you been confronted with this staggering news at the vacancies sits there number 5 on a 9 Person Court right in the middle and the lievable I think the most important thing about this whole thing is that the president’s views are out the mainstream of the American public so the question is is the present going to insert his views or is he going to consult with Congress on what are the mainstream views of America on this particular issue poor little weird to talk about even what do they mean by some form of punishment I said that he is going to appoint nominees that believe this so he’s not for holding up the private right side now have been well-established and supported by many courts he’s basically saying I’m going to roll that back and so now he has an opportunity to really put his thumb on the scale to make that difference we have to do everything possible to make sure that doesn’t happen till his views are not in the mainstream and that’s the case that we need to take to every member of the United States in it you’re willing to change what has now been accepted as a policy in our state it’s been codified into state law we will have a campaign in every state in America to show people that we are going to fight for these privacy rights and Justice Kennedy basically believe that portion the right to choose to make the decision must be protected and they’ll be no undue burden put on her head like you can’t you got to do this one minute to midnight Indian no tricks no wonder he said none of that libertarian judge now being replaced by a President Who is showing authoritarian tendencies is my hope you can slow it down until after the voters vote she can throw this to the people is falsity going to be saying this that we’re going to throw it to them right now these privacy rights that are so important across-the-board Arthur things that are now been well-established and are in the penumbra what we’re going to point out is that this president if he’s getting his list from the Federalist Society or the Heritage Foundation is supporting textualist that’s it and a textualist means they’re not going to grease that these privacy rights whether it’s your right to privacy at home whether it’s your right to privacy on the internet whether it’s your right to privacy is a woman that they are going to support the penumbra that is existing within the Constitution that’s the fight we’re going to take to the and that’s where we’re going to ask are call is on the other side of the aisle to make sure that they’re supporting those privacy rights as well the basic privacy rights in a woman to make a decision about our body and the idea that separate but equal is wrong inherently these are all decisions the Bill of Rights and so you’re not going to get a textualist is the set of just said to help you on these bad decisions are always going to be saying no there was going to leave it the way it was your thoughts right exactly I mean I was born in 1970 to 5 months before Roe v Wade and so that the idea that that a right that is always existed in my lifetime the majority of women have grown up under is something that that this Administration wants to undermine and overturn is is completely insane and the preview you know we’ve seen the trailer 18 states actually have existing laws on like Senator cantwell’s I’m staying there 18 states that have listing laws that are intended to overturn to eliminate abortion if Roe v Wade is overturned so there is reason to be incredibly concerned about trying to find a text list as opposed to really having this conversation with the people with it percent of Americans who support Roe v Wade who’s your group going to try to stop this vote from occurring before this election having these conversations be is it is imperative that the Senate rejects any candidate that that opposes Rosso either part of the resistance is certainly been engaging in the in the in the streets and then in the marches in the movement of the other part is is having this conversation other Senators people like like Susan Collins and Lisa murkowski who have been incredibly thoughtful on on helping support Women’s Healthcare these are the kinds of voices the conversations that we need to be having activating engaging in in people across country Republican senator Susan Collins of Maine said Roe v Wade is settled law when asked about abortion rights this afternoon let’s was well first of all I View Road Wade as being settled law is clearly precedent and I always look for judges who respect president is it is but what do you think Senator Cantwell you believe they probably waited safe because it when a president makes that Pledge on national TV and says he’s going to stick to it and then goes to the surge measure of saying he would punish women I think you have to take him what we know he said during the campaign he is implementing and what we don’t want is a bench that basically is going to follow that textualist list as being sent to him and be one thing if he was calling us okay I hear you let’s hear who you think are justices that would follow privacy rights cancel the court said should be president voted 520 to make George W bush the president States citizens united they said money should talk more than they made that partisan decision they keep making partisan decisions and then they say where partisanship what it is but it’s about corporations the other side right now is hurting in the tax bill to give corporations what they want they have people who are in the cabinet who are not following regulations and now they I want a court that is also going to side with them and basically say whether it’s clean air that basically was so hard was present when they got is a corporate shill right now if they’re going to overturn this as the textualism want then know the little guy is not going to be represented on the bench click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos

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