Will Trump’s list of potential SCOTUS nominees be a liability?

in Tuesday’s red and blue political Roundup president Trump has now spoken with seven potential candidates for Justice Anthony Kennedy spot on the Supreme Court the short list of 7 includes two women it is down from 25 names resident had originally floated for the opening on the court Whitehouse says the president will announce his nominee on his self-imposed deadline of Monday showing me now from Washington is Chris cuddle ago he’s a White House reporter for Politico thanks for being with us one more do we know about the candidates president Trump met with Tuesday so these are all candidates who have been on a pre-vetted list of that the president has goes way back to 2016 when he and these are all folks we’re there may be some disagreement among some of the Advocates around the around the borders but these are people who are largely largely been vetted people who president would be excited about no matter who we picked and so I think the question comes down to as it often does with President Trump chemistry and that’s what he hopes to get out of meetings he’s also course looking for someone who as he puts it could come from Central Casting someone with a good background someone with an intriguing story to tell and so all of those things and he’s trying to determine now and of course his announcement to coming next week that President Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court candidates helped him win the 2016 presidential election Democrats and even some Republicans why do you think the list could now be a liability for so long it’s a loud Democrats and their allies to do a lot of opposition Research into these folks to really dig into their cases under past circumstances we would have seen nominees names trickle out of the White House there would have been names leaked different groups would have been putting forward potential nominees that they like the best this time around most people expect the president and he has said himself that he would be choosing from the list and so it’s just given folks a lead time we know that some liberal groups will be going into districts and putting pressure on senators and Senate candidates either to vote again whoever the president nominates EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is a former political fundraising Ally in charge of an office that handles Freedom of Information Act request for his office what has been the response to this from Watchdog groups and the EPA have been very stinging another report came out tonight that talked about Pruitt allegedly approaching the president and asking to fill the role of Jeff sessions which Prewitt is has put out a statement denying this story that we had today number of groups have raised red flags about the idea that someone who’s in charge of releasing a potentially public information had a close political relationship with miniature Pruitt and so I think these are just a longsword zombie of stories and I think clearly the present who has said he’s had some issues with some of these these stories and that some of them look troubling obviously none of it has moved him to to fire Pruitt and you know folks are telling us don’t expect that to happen anytime soon or scandals in the president has yet to do so why is President Trump keeping food around chip and second point would be I think he thinks he’s doing a good job in the role I think he likes the fact that he’s been slashing regulations I think he likes the the approach he’s taken there and so you know at this point there been such a Negative drumbeat of stories that it is you almost don’t know what it would take for him to dismiss Pruitt it would almost have to be something negative against Trump himself confronted with dining in Washington by a woman holding a baby let’s take a look at that resign before your schedule cuz you up so we know cuz that multiple Administration officials have been confronted in public places in recent weeks you think is more likely to start do it after confrontations like that one takes place there are pictures and videos of coming up to administer can officials folks protesting outside the the home of adviser Steven Miller obviously these situation with Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Red Hen Restaurant in Virginia these are things that the president and his supporters can point to as sort of the the intolerance of the left and I think that given all the trouble that to Pruitt has had this this probably pales in comparison and in and I would not see it as as impacting his his job Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is traveling to North Korea Thursday president Trump tweeted Tuesday Morning the conversations with Sean Yang are quote doing well what are the goal secretary Pompeo visit we made in this agreement with North Korea this is going to be secretary pompeo’s third visit to North Korea simed just a slew of reports about whether North Korea is holding up its end of the bargain here whether they have a whole bunch of doubts about about what they really want to do so I think this is a this is a high-stakes visit for secretary Pompeo and I think certainly given that all the president has put on the line with his relationship with North Korea this is something that the country the president need to go well not only politically but you know in terms of global politics evening about Scott Pruitt once again we’re caught with a few weeks ago that she first voiced this notion of Scott Pruitt needing to leave she tweets on Tuesday who it is the swamp drain it does that in any way change the equation you think for Scott Pruitt saying this before it was a couple weeks ago so I would not bet the bit that alone would have a much of an impact I just think that given all the news that’s come out in the white house as well aware of Sarah folks pretty close to the president in the White House who would like to see Pruitt go but the president has not made that move and the fact that he hasn’t so far with just indicate that there’s so much going on right now they’ve been trying to solve in some ways the immigration issue the president has an upcoming meeting with the with Vladimir Putin there’s of course North Korea to mention so this idea that the president would be opening up a position in the cabinet at the moment with the elections bearing down doesn’t seem to be at the timing that he would want
The White House says President Trump will announce his nominee to the Supreme Court on Monday. Mr. Trump’s list of 25 potential candidates helped him win the 2016 presidential election, but now could it hurt him? Chris Cadelago, White House reporter for Politico, joins CBSN to discuss his latest piece and the rest of the days political news.

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