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the quintessential throw ride is the roller coaster and amusement park attraction that makes a scared sweaty nauseated and nervous but why does something so scary feel so exhilarating at the end and why do we put ourselves through all of this for huesman this is your brain on where we explore how the world affects our brains and ourselves for your brain the roller coaster experience begins as soon as you get online your amygdala activates that’s the area at the base of your brain that handles fight-or-flight response releasing a combination of adrenaline dopamine and other biochemicals this powerful response intensifies as you strap into the ride the coaster begins to move and it climbs up Steep Hill higher tick tick as a sense of risk heightens your brain continues to pump the same hormone making your heart pound and turn your brain receives more oxygen and you may experience sharper Vision or hearing your body’s way of preparing for a threat your brain in your body ran over can you reach the top and then you’re racing down the hill experiencing the ride When It’s Over You emerge from your seat euphoric that’s because your brain recognizes that you survived the threat and it flood your body with mood boosting chemicals like dopamine serotonin your reward after the risk for certain people the biochemical Rush of the whole experience is almost addicting but why do some love the thrill of a rollercoaster While others find it unpleasant the answer might be in your brains Anatomy 2016 study found that people with a sinner cortex or gray matter Tennessee higher levels of stimulation and excitement another Siri says thrill-seekers have an imbalance of monoamine oxidase a brain chemical link to some forms of depression roller coasters in similar experiences appear to change the chemicals levels and some people’s brains and for all of us to do have a common benefit they force our brains to focus on the present moment absorbing all are concentration making us feel alive and helping us get the roller coaster of everyday life NBC News subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching
Complex brain activity leads us to seek out thrilling adventures such as roller coasters.
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Why We Crave The Thrill Of Danger And Surviving | Better | NBC News

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