Why President Trump’s poll numbers are on a roll

like the half-eaten pie first on Alec Baldwin’s reclining belly Trump’s poll numbers are on a roll this why some recent controversy is Trump’s popularity for some reason Rising the real clear politics average opposes Trump’s approval rating at over 43% that’s similar to wear past presidents have been at this time and their term and it’s Trump’s handling of the economy that Americans like best is CNBC survey as Trump’s economic operating at 51% a 6% jump from March which is probably why Bill Maher’s been rooting for a recession would be worth it if it undermine Trump Clarity have to enroll in college and take a course in perspective a recession is a survivable event what Trump is doing to this country is not now stop booing it’s an anti boo finger now I get what bill is saying if Trump loses the economy Trump loses his supporters because why else would we keep them around but in order for this to have been a lot of people have to get hurt a failing economy obviously has a downside of businesses fail people lose their jobs and they can lose their homes except of course for the talk show host rooting for this idiocy for a rich liberal like Mark taking out a bad economy it has no downside to get rid of the president your hate and you’re not affected by the misery you’ve accepted as a consequence for others bill I think it hit your head too many times doing this did not end well alright Jim what do you make take the reception because it’s for the greater good it’s insane that he’s saying that but you know they really thought that Trump’s poll numbers will be affected by the immigration mess it wasn’t cuz anyone knows if you come in illegally you’re going to get separated from your kids from your kid if I do something illegal with my son and he’s with me I’m going to get separated from him I’m going to jail and he’s going somewhere else but that’s not going to happen he’s going to be traumatized to go to jail he separated too that’s just a lot here great father-son activity Act One reserved that somebody else they’re all right cat why is it that bring the numbers kind of go up because things are actually not that bad they’re actually kind of okay but if you would watch a lot of the news on the left side you would think that Trump was like the actual devil and everything was absolute a disaster but trusting these people to give a fair assessment of Trump would be like trusting a jilted ex-wife to give a fair assessment of her ex-husband she still takes care of the kids and she’d be like he only how to be a great dad to make me look bad you know just just look at this video of him pushing our daughter like sure she’s on a swing and she’s giggling with the light but still what a monster it’s the same thing and I think people can see through yeah he’s a man who pushes women around but nevertheless the critics are so obviously an emotional and that they can’t see the positivity yet sweat you can finish your question Greg so stinky that they cannot see the positive effects of the economy because they know that’s the only that will affect the bass the economy goes Twitter war to get this doesn’t affect our bottom line my light bill still goes on even though he tweets back and forth with whomever arguing about whatever it doesn’t affect us but if I can’t make my bills paid and I lose my home then I got a problem so I think that’s the bills wishing is I think he’s at the same time he’s also sending a message that’s the only shot as long as the economy is there and strong they’ll be no changes will be no Blue Wave will be yeah they hope he goes bankrupt well to be fair to them to Rush Limbaugh said you know I hope the prison Obama fails good for the Democrats is not good for the country our enemies are afraid of us let’s make friends again pronouncing things that we didn’t know about the 70s and the sixties with a radical we were now we got a bald head dude you said that you did this and are busted and I don’t know how they can get out of it I’m going to get more heated
Despite some recent controversies, Trump’s popularity keeps rising.

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