Who’s on the list to replace Justice Kennedy

so who are the top contenders who is on the list that Senator Schumer referred to Carrie Severino is Chief counsel and policy director at judicial crisis Network and she joins this thanks thanks for coming on let me ask you just as it as a factual matter is it possible for Democrats to prevent the president from installing a new Supreme Court Justice what I predicted we get a nominee who’s basically Gorsuch 2.0 same same Playbook of find someone who is Scott great judicial experience is fair is balanced test bipartisan in Broad public support I don’t see how they could possibly get the to stop and I’m only like that and I think that’s that’s excellent cuz that’s exactly why the American people put president Trump in this position tonight they wanted someone who would be honoring the constitutional laws that way so you’re confident that was Senator McCain out does illness and that the president would get the full support of every Republican in the Senate and there would be enough Republicans president present for a quorum to to get this through you can’t have anyone out on on a trip or out sick however the best of the best if you look at this list of nominees I know we’re going to some of the brightest you have people who have served and that their state Supreme Court’s people like Joan Larson and David Straz who both of them Supreme Court’s now on federal courts Don Willett same thing in the Texas Supreme Court you have people who had experience of district courts as well like I’m also par and then you have you have people who spent years for example of brick cabin on the DC circuit administrative law and the longer records of the judges so these are really some of the stars of the leaps of federal and state judiciaries and I think any one of them would be an amazing replace it for justice Kennedy Redcat most impressive guy for sure appreciate it thanks

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