Who is Tommy Robinson and why is he in jail? – BBC News

South 21 online and light made from someone’s arrested outside lead scorer that very same day he was sent to Joe he’s not looking since then it’s been organized protests across the country in London Manchester lead people in that fire wasn’t a margin Robinsons release some protest on the bottom many believe the rest of imprisonment is unfair or illegal so is it well Old English Defence League he took that name is a tribute to a man he used to Revere in his own town SECU the problem is with Islamic Islamic integration account to organization to what they saw as the threat posed by islamist extremism in the hometown and it grew very very Roxy across the UK setting up branches and left in the truck 2002 it’s mulch it he left in October 2013 saying that it’s only become concerned about the threat of far-right violence in UK removing him from the edl the organisation begin to collapse stream The Defenders walking in the cool you’ll see spoke about the case I’m feeling inside the courts entrance because of this video was giving a free month jail sentence it was suspended the AC months as long as he didn’t commit any more fences cost for the year and now Tommy Robinson is outside at least this time he pissed do the same thing again and this time he was arrested and he was immediately jailed for 13 months in relation to the original crime back Canterbury courts no one’s muscling protecting Smooths right to a fair trial but if a person is standing trial and stay all keys very serious criminal offense if you were allowed to anyone was allowed to publish anything about this person online weather true north and we will see said that they were guilty will that they had a history of doing exactly the same size 10 different people that would be higher prejudicial to that right to a fat child that was necessary just don’t people publishing that material weather true or false this is why Thomas BJ out cuz he live stream The Defenders Century cool I’m spoke about the defendant’s during Yo Gotti prom his actions could close down the entire case as more time and more money speech about it

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