Who is Brett Kavanaugh?

now it’s hot judge on the DC circuit is poised to make the leaf butts if history is any guide he could face and especially tough Senate confirmation so here’s a look at judge Brett Kavanaugh it is the image that makes cement or sink the Supreme Court aspirations of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the strength of his character George W bush close friend and adviser as a White House lawyer secretary traveling in the top DC legal and political circles are named The Confidence of Power Players like Karl Rove Kavanaugh’s elevation to the federal appeals court was celebrated with the row Garden swearing-in by fellow Catholic and now retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy for whom Cavanagh served as a law clerk in 1993 it came after 2 years of contentious delay tactics by democrats who claims Cavanagh was overly partisan another nomination given Mr cabin noise record more designed to divide us this nomination appears to be judicial payment for political services rendered by concerns Cavanaugh could one day sit on the Supreme Court bushes Trump in 2008 seem to back impeaching President Bush for the Iraq War which Trump said would be a quote wonderful thing and candidate Trump in 2016 have repeated verbal clashes with rival Jeb Bush former Florida governor I really believe I’m unhinged he said that very simply because he has failed in this campaign it’s been a total disaster nobody cares probe of Bill Clinton that led to the president’s impeachment on the bench the fifty-three-year-old has been a reliable conservative on his court raining in dozens of administrative decisions of the Obama white house but conservatives are at odds over whether a 25 rolling on Obamacare signaled his implicit support of the law and debate to whether Cavanagh with limited access to abortion is he’s never directly confronted the issue as a judge and hasn’t said publicly whether he’d overturn Roe v Wade what does Daisy he just sent it in the appeal court decision that allowed a pregnant teenager in the US illegally to get an abortion cavanal wrote that was quote ultimately based on a constitutional principle as novel as it is wrong a new right for unlawful immigrant miners in u.s. government detention to obtain immediate abortion-on-demand despite his conservative credentials DC inside are born raised and thriving in the so-called Washington swamp they they have expressed concerns they have about Cavanagh directly to the White House
Federal appeals court judge is on President Trump’s short list for the Supreme Court vacancy.

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