Who are the top nominees to replace Justice Kennedy?

the president said that he will be releasing his nomination for Supreme Court Justice on July 9th whoever replaces Justice Kennedy will have a tremendous amount of power and impacting the nation’s key issues joining from Los Angeles Jessica Levinson Jessica CBS News has learned that two leading contenders to fill Justice Kennedy seats Brett Kavanaugh who’s a fifty-three-year-old Circuit Judge in Washington and also 46 year old circuit in Chicago when we know about these two well we know that they’re both fully vetted conservative judges and we know that the Trump Administration has been extraordinarily effective in nominating and getting confirmed bear conservative judges on the lower court the court of appeals and now the Supreme Court and so what the Trump Administration has done is essentially Outsource the wedding too too conservative organizations called the Federalist society and the Heritage organization we know that these will be I think very dependable conservative Juris they both clerk on the Supreme Court one for justice Kennedy one for justice Scalia they’re both now on the federal bench and I think that the mantra for many Republic this is not just a Suitor which is a reference to Justice souter who is on the Supreme Court nominated by president Herbert Walker Bush and moved very far to left as compared to Republicans wanted so I think thinking this case we’re going to see two very predictable Juris who will be comparatively quite far to the right of Justice tentative Regan at the time do you get a sense though if you feel very strongly that this is really going to affect the makeup of the Supreme Court I absolutely do and I think that it’s important to remember Justice Kennedy was nobody’s liberal he was a conservative jurist but he was a moderate conservative and in the vast majority of cases he did vote with the conservative wing of the court but in a few key issues he didn’t and those are the issues that Liberals are worried about gay rights he was a who authored the the opinion that legalize same-sex marriage in the area of abortion in the area of affirmative action in some criminal justice areas so in the one hand we can see quite clearly that he was Swing Vote in those hot-button issues also I think was under recorded is I think it’s behind the scenes Justice Kennedy had a moderating effect so there were decisions and we can look even to last 2 weeks that were narrower than what could have seen with a solidly conservative majority of the Court we can look for instance to the Masterpiece cakeshop case with the collar on Baker who did not want to bake a cake for the gay couple that was a very narrow decision if you had a solidly conservative majority of the Court you might have a much broader decision that Embraces the idea of religious objectors being able to say the gay couples I’m not going to make a cake for you same with respect to the issue partisan gerrymandering in both cases we had no decision in large part because of Justice Kennedy what we might see are bigger Bolder more conservative decision when you sort of look at the framework of the US Supreme Court what do you say to folks to say well it’s always kind of tilted a little bit more towards the conservative side view and it’s not always tilted towards the conservative side conservative vs liberal is the difference there should be a difference but I think that what the American public is seen now is it it looks like the judges are voting according to who nominated them if a Republican president nominated them then they’re voting to uphold causes that Republicans if a Democratic president nominated them then they’re doing the opposite but they’re absolutely is and should be a difference between conservative legal scholar and conservative politician but the other thing I want to mention is that the current conservative court is far or to the right of past conservative courts so I believe that this will be the most conservative Court we’ve seen since the early 1930s so yes you could have a court that leans conservative but this court is so much the center of this court is so further to the right of anything that anyone in this generation have seen so the Supreme Court will now be next in session coming October the president said he wants to see someone by then what do you think of the cases are that they could take out that could be impacted by a more conservative well I think that if you look at the areas of voting rights this is a big area for the court if you look at issues related to obviously gun control is a big issue if you look at religious rights if you look at Aunt discrimination laws Buick an environmental controls Criminal Justice Reform all of those things are likely to be decided if not next term the coming terms for the court they already have granted certification and number of cases those deals with deal with criminal justice so I think that we could see a very different makeup of the court in very different decisions if we talk next year at this time and so these are areas that affect our most of us are perfect one of these areas at least on a daily basis I certainly and then many calls also to see more diversity on the bench both by gender and race as well Jessica thank you very much for joining us Jessica Levinson thank you
President Trump says he will announce his Supreme Court nominee on July 9th. CBS News has learned two of the leading contenders are Circuit Judges Brett Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett. Jessica Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School, joined CBSN to discuss the president’s options.

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