Whitney Houston’s brother, sister-in-law on shocking revelations in new documentary

the magical voice that gave us chill I will always love you and slayed with How will I know now Whitney Houston as you never saw her in life intimate they were times when I would look up the God my God why is this happening to me real new documentary Whitney out July 6th taking an unflinching look at the music icons to moto is life including her drug addiction with never-before-seen home movies and blunt stunning Revelations from her tight Inner Circle always glad to see a release speaking exclusively with night mine along with wife Pat with these former manager and executive producer of the documentary perhaps the film’s biggest Revelation Whitney was allegedly sexually molested as a child this is Whitney never told her who abused her but that she did talk about the alleged experience did you know we talked about it but it was referencing my daughter you know we were travel with work we would argue about me leaving rare behind because I understood why she was so adamant about her being on the road with us and that’s when she talked to me very briefly you know about her situation and I understood it that point and just let it go I suspected there was some kind of drama in her child did the way she talks and some interviews about her childhood about how she felt about children that she wanted to protect children Gary says he was also abused and in the film director Kevin McDonald says Gehring name the abuser at his cousin Dee Dee Warwick Dionne Warwick time it was a situation I didn’t understand I knew it was abnormal Whitney’s longtime assistant Mary Jones says in the film Whitney told her it was Dee Dee Warwick who molested her she was never able to talk about it to her mother or to a professional who’s trying to help her perhaps with her addiction you know she did a lot of therapy and that can think that she would never open up about this to to anyone Legend of choice was Gary says hard drives were part of his life from an early age 10 years old from time to time but we were in a different room I never did with her me and her together because it would drug part of the Rock and Roll Lifestyle eventually trap Whitney in a vice something she didn’t seem quite able to admit when talking with ABC News is Diane Sawyer do you think of yourself as an addict I like to think of it I had a bad habit but the effects of her bad habit would be on full display at the 2001 Michael Jackson tribute on CBS choose the scary fan I was just very very concerned that she was in deep trouble with feel for your sister is going to be bored is really taking the best and moved into a place where it was if you hard for her to get back to her Center I’m not sick okay I’ve always lived in girl but that’s not just then it died and tell me do you know it’s scary them I can’t believe what you’ve been you feel I can believe that but do you really know did you really know maybe the only in her whole life and she’s really meaning everything that she’s staying at you trying to be honest her drug use may have had the greatest impact on her daughter Bobbi Kristina those closest to Whitney says is a mom she often came up short what was she most disappointed well she could have said she could have been a better mother can you shoot Shuffle between life on tour with her famous parents and open staying back with family and friends for long stretches Christina would never know a normal childhood ultimately you know the Whitney in Bobbi made the decisions you know for their kid there’s only so much that anyone else can do would you ever have found them that you would lose Whitney and then 3 years later Bobbi Kristina always said if she were 17 years old we could have gotten her you know and put her in our home you know to be with us but she was 18 like her mother 22 year old Bobbi Kristina would be face down in the bathtub and later died the singer also had a complicated relationship with mom sissy of famous gospel singer who Grooms her daughter from an early age their love and closeness Whitney never forgot who to call on when she needed them she would always dress you don’t like I need my mother so when the chips were down oh yeah call for her mom one of Whitney’s closest confidants was creative director Robyn Crawford a woman her family wanted Whitney to avoid at all costs what was her relationship with Robin Whitney and Robyn were two best friend’s mom sissy addressed the friendship with Oprah do you believe that Whitney and Robyn were in a gay relationship I wouldn’t have bothered you if your daughter Whitney was gay movie it was it was getting somewhere that I didn’t really want it the one person she would publicly commit to and go on to Mary was of course Bobby Brown the documentary showing the passion and dysfunction of their marriage up close that people in the media talking about mr. Houston instead of mr. Brown you know instead of saying like I say he let it get to him no one it seems could save Whitney from her demons as she went in and out of we have it do you think she was happy this haunting conversation with Diane Sawyer taking on a deeper meaning after Whitney’s tragic death if you had the name of the devil for you the biggest devil in women it would be me so the biggest devil is me I mean either my best friend of my worst enemy and that’s hard to deal with it 10 years from now give me the perfect life for Whitney Houston retired Sittin looking at my daughter grow up become a great woman of God grandchildren before the Grammys Whitney would be found dead in her Beverly Hills Hotel room face down in a water-filled bathtub with drug paraphernalia nearby we took what we could but ultimately it was Whitney that needed to decide if she how to live or die how much do you miss her in New York thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
“Whitney” takes a look at the music icon’s tumultuous life, including her drug addiction, with never-before-seen home movies and revelations from her inner circle.

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