White House working to fill Supreme Court vacancy

expected to be at his golf club in Bedminster New Jersey this weekend the trip comes as the White House is working overtime to fill Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy seed City Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announces retirement only two days ago but the president is already hit the ground running with finding a replacement how exactly will the White House go about selecting a nominee and is there any specific time and place what song is this is just about once the president makes his selection if he choose a conservative who holds to those principles for a Generations as you might imagine this is of course top-of-mind for the white house right now release a list of people he would consider for Supreme Court positions during the campaign of some names have been added to that since then and he even Joseph Kennedy for his advice for his input on a good replacement some folks at their decision confirmation hearing got the bacon see need to worry about the Democrats are all Republicans KC the abortion laws for some common ground for the history and a track record a happy with with this nominee so now there are multiple reports from the World Trade Organization and earlier this morning so how could this tension though impact the upcoming NATO Summit in terms of the World Trade Organization of the president has called it a disaster is said that on the record he said he either wants to renegotiate or pull out we have some concerns about how we think it’s unfair uses it for its own advantages I reported with a pair of socks barriere so in some cases we know about that when we know we certainly heard this before is very stressful place for anyone to work mostly particular reports particular policy that cost a lot of political turmoil you never know what’s going to happen
President Trump is planning to spend the weekend at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. But he and his staff are aiming to announce a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy within weeks. CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid has the latest on that, plus reports of more possible staffing changes in the administration.

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