Whistleblower: EPA’s Pruitt kept secret calendar to hide meetings

tonight at CNN exclusive EPA administrator Scott Pruitt kept secret calendars to high controversial meetings from the public that’s according to an EPA whistleblower who says also directed his staff to scrub His official schedule through his already team different proceed with lace ethical violation as seen in senior investigator correspondence through Griffin explain if the whistleblowers allegations are true true it may have violated federal law this EPA whistleblower says Scott staff kept secret Callender’s or scheduled detailing many meetings with industry Representatives that have never been made public according to Kevin chemeleski through its former deputy chief of staff a secret calendar containing actual events was printed out then staff would gather around a table determine which event would be kept on which would be kept off and which would be altered he says it was often done in Pruitt’s office and under prewitt’s Direct scrubbed scrub jesser of the official released weeks after the events occur what’s missing meetings with energy industry officials lawyers Washington insiders who could potentially benefit from a friendly or EPA so he would meet with industry somebody from from industry itself and decide later that that was not going to look good so let’s scrub it off the counter before we schedule meeting with staff that was the default button was a meeting with staff want some example internal email show that in April 2017 Pruitt has a briefing and attends a dinner at Trump International Hotel with coal company executive Joseph craft it is not listed on the public EBA calendar September 2017 the official schedule shows Pruitt met with former Senator turn energy industry lobbyists rent lot but left off that the meeting included the CEO of a shipping company and discussion of ships and their fuel source in October 2017 a staff briefing appeared on fluids official calendar email show the actual meeting was with private attorneys representing a water district over a Superfund Site at one point three different schedules one of them was one that no one else all besides three or four of us to government experts tell CNN altering sanitizing official government records to protect the boss did the legal trouble if somebody changed deleted scrubbed a federal record with the intent of the season the public intent of deceiving anybody could very well be a violation of federal law but the most controversial deletion of all the going to chemeleski game after Pruitt’s $120,000 taxpayer-funded trip to Rome in June 2017 that trip included extensive interaction with Catholic Cardinal George Pell who was cars with multiple historical charges of sexual offenses a few weeks later to which power pleaded not guilty but this itinerary shows a tour with Cardinal Pell it’s not on Pruitt’s official calendar also missing a lunch with Cardinal Pell all of our time at the Vatican was spent with Cardinal Pala Cardinal Pell was basically our host yet none of those dinners and lunches up here later when Scott Pruitt released his official calendar Chmielewski says was intentional once we came back and the Cardinal was actually charged with these offences I alerted them and that’s when that day it was basically taken off the schedule that we met with Cardinal Pell Chmielewski yeah after raising questions about Scott Pruitt extravagant spending he supports Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s pledge to drain the DC swamp he says keeping Pruitt at ETA makes no sense if there’s some I don’t care if it’s Republican or Democrat right right and wrong is wrong and what he’s doing right now is completely wrong I truly enjoyed being serious response John despite the fact that we are talking about potential federal crimes and either Pruitt nor anyone in his office has bothered to respond at all we’ve given the EPA detailed accounts of this report and reached out multiple times but this EPA administrator and it’s Communications officers I just choosing not to respond John peculiar to say the least through Griffin thanks so much
An EPA whistleblower tells CNN’s Drew Griffin that Scott Pruitt directed staff to scrub his official calendar to hide meetings.

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