What Trump is looking for in his next Supreme Court justice

reaction to the open Supreme Court vacancy president Trump’s judicial nominations advisors Leonard Leo and everybody this is an opportunity now this is a big deal and let’s go through the philosophy of the president in making this decision and about 80% of the time he did not professional but at the end of the day he went with us in the Justice for 6 or Justice Alito Justice Thomas I miss the president now has an opportunity to nominate a Justice in that Judicial philosophy that the president talk about and continues to talk about putting someone on the course what I would call the Supreme Court philosophy or constitutional velocity cost difference it’s not through judicial Fiat and I think that’s what you’ll see in a supreme court nominee liberal justices on the court right now and I mean we know how they’re going to go in 9 has a 1099 percent of cases this is important because it’s been at least 25 times that Anthony Kennedy is sided with the for liberal justices on the court this is a game-changer what’s transformative about this isn’t the president’s committed the nominating people to the court who have a very firm Judicial philosophy know people who understand that the constitution needs interpreted the way the framers method to be individuals were courageous in that interpretive approach and I got are not going to Flinch are we saw that Neil Gorsuch and I think if the president nominates another individual like Neil Gorsuch what we’re going to see why is widespread public support and I would say also probably bipartisan support in the Senate to some extent as we did with Justice Gorsuch let earlier you may have him pay me more optimistic I think basically unless you are Saint and you’ve never written on the wall at all if you have any Judicial philosophy we know what they want to do and that’s pork somebody that I want to go a little bit deeper J into the idea people understand the president does not believe in judicial activism you believe in separation of powers he believes in co-equal branches of government it doesn’t believing believing siding bar in law people they believe in the Constitution justices should not legislate for the bench that’s for the legislative body to do Court of human rights in the United States or to sight and they do from time-to-time site cases from the European Court of Human Rights constitutions let alone our Constitution that you’ve seen develop over the last 40 years Leonard’s absolutely correct I’m actually optimistic that we will bipartisan support because at the end of the day the reality is that the president is the one that nominates is with the advice for the president gets the nomination extraordinary individual it’ll be a doubt but the American people stand with us and appointing judges I think it’s somebody who’s being very seriously considered absolutely thank you

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