What to expect from Mexico’s presidential elections

Anthony westers up for the 2018 midterms across the border Mexico was just two days away from its presidential election for men are vying for the seat at the current FrontRunner is Andres Manuel Lopez obrador he’s looking to President Pena Nieto whose term ends this year she joins us now from Dallas the front-runner has been compared to Hugo Chavez and even US president Donald sense of what he’s running on and why he’s so popular so those are the initials of his name guess I’ll trying to defeat she is doing this campaign has been all over the place is Coalition includes of a leftist party in the very right-wing party he was running on a platform of fixing every problem Mexico from poverty to corruption but has been short on details on how he’s going to change that and he’s also sometimes he also sometimes has some contradictory positions so for example he said he wants to fight for the but at the same time he’s promising to build oil refineries so right now how he will govern is a big? is the border wall which president Trump says Mexico will pay for how do you think Louis is called how do you think he would handle that issue if he’s elected I mean Donald Trump’s claims that Mexico is going to pay for the wall or openly dismissed I think that we can expect to be more confrontational and the current president but I don’t know how much relations will change a lot of it will depend on Donald Trump what he know what he wants to do trade trade time right now between the US and Mexico the US and many countries how will that factor into Sunday’s election Mexico have become a very bad be no one known issues for the election because all of the candidates equally just like Donald Trump so most Mexicans are focusing on domestic issues the biggest spider who can do a better job than the current president after the election is likely going to win we’ll have to say he’s also been all over the place on trade so have to wait and see what he proposes what is it about that you think is inspiring so many people I would imagine a lot of the other candidates are also saying that they want to bring down violence and work on those key issues affecting in society but what is it about I know that’s distinguishing him from his cat his competitors City so he is alive better-known also he he has made of you know his campaign has been about helping the poor about paying attention to Mexico’s forgot communities and I think that’s bad for people who you know how very legitimate concerns you have been left behind that really resonates with them petition to Mexico with more than 100 candidates murdered how will the country keep this Sunday’s elections safe and fair highest in recent memory but the violence has been limited to certain areas it’s unlikely that you know when election day it’s going to be a huge problem I think that most people are going to be able to go and vote and peace limit of his possible terms how has he been viewed how has his presidency been viewed by Mexicans a lot of Mexicans despise him he his approval ratings are dismal he has been involved in several corruption scandals violence has spiked doing his toe he’s generally viewed as very ineffective and that’s the reason why you know they’re staying over the phone I know who is promising change has been you know so attractive to voters we will definitely watch on thank you so much thank you
Mexico is gearing up for Sunday’s presidential elections. Four men are vying for to replace President Enrique Pena Nieto, whose term ends this year. The current frontrunner is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Quartz Latin America reporter Ana Campoy joins CBSN to discuss the race.

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