What the Travel Ban Ruling Means for Presidential Power | NYT News

2524 decision upholding president Trump’s travel ban basically did two things the majority said that the president had been given vast authority over immigration in National Security by Congress and then he acted consistent with that shorty the second thing it did was reject the claim that the travel ban was infected by religious discrimination image already discounted the president statements and said the role of the courts was to look at the face of the presidential Proclamation issued in September and that Proclamation the court said was lawful the Supreme Court is occasionally looked at the scope of Presidential Power and it’s gone both ways it imposed some limits on President George W Bush’s ability to hold people in Guantanamo Bay attempt to see the steel industry during the Korean War and it forced President Nixon to turn over tapes concerning the Watergate scandal that led to his departure from Office the Crux of the argument against the travel ban was based on President Trump’s tweets statements on the campaign Trail and in office in which he suggested that he was singling out Muslims for discriminatory treatment in the lower courts and out the Supreme Court there was a strong partisan divide with every Republican 20 voting to sustain the travel ban and every Democratic a 20in descent the majority opinion gave rise to a very straight need to send from Justice Sonia Sotomayor who spoke at length in the Supreme Court courtroom about terrible precedent the majority set and how it resonated with some of the darkest periods in American history notably the internment of more than a hundred thousand Japanese-Americans during the second world war the decision was a major Presidential Power in the area of immigration in National Security break new ground there really had no particular practically back because months ago the Supreme Court allowed the travel ban to go into effect while it considered the case what it did instead was declined to impose special legal rules on an idiosyncratic president who speaks in ways that are unfamiliar two American traditions and to say that it was considering the prison see and not president Trump in ruling out his travel ban

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