What move to left on immigration means for Dems in November

this week in New York a shocking victory of 28 year old Alexandria ocasio-cortez / Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley sent shockwaves to the Democratic party could also have a big impact on the November election here to weigh in politics roll call politics reporter Bridget Bowman Bridge traditional nature is baked into the structure of the agency and that is why they’re able to get away with black unit with black sites that are border with the separation of children’s what do you mean black human rights abuses are happening in in without any sort of transparency that is the candidate who won the Primary she beat out Crowley she’s really villainizing ice and in that sound like that was my takeaway and we’re seeing that with other people other Democratic some of them are all lawmakers some of them are are competing in the primaries agency like that really extreme where is this going landscape and so we have seen of Alexandria ocasio-cortez said early on her campaign that she was for abolishing ice this is a position that some other candidates are starting to take on it’ll be interesting to see if people and swing districts and especially in house races he’s competitive C’s if they’re going to face pressure to take some more positions I would be skeptical that they would take those positions because they don’t want to be cast as extremes of their party I’m important to note that Alexandria ocasio-cortez one and a very Democratic District so she kind of can go out there be more liberal than some of these folks in other races as well Nancy Pelosi do they want to rain that in I think it depends on the district probably just some extent like you see leaders like like leader Pelosi cashing people not to talk as much about impeaching President don’t see that as a winning message especially in some of these really competitive house races that they’re trying to unseat Republicans are trying to talk to voters who support the Republicans in the past and say to the Democrat instead so they don’t want to be out there going kind of farther to the left and I could see leaders kind of pushing back on pictures any CD’s thousands if not tens of thousands of thousands people Gathering take take place even in these rallies are Democrats going to be going this season that’s a good question I think today send of immigration that’s certainly something that Democrats eat could maybe energized Motors especially Latino voters this is a block of Voters that hasn’t traditionally traditionally turned out as well for Democrats as they hoped I think it’ll be interesting to watch what Republicans do is specially specially on immigration SM the Democrats or the Republicans that you see out there pushing for Congress to act on this issue and desserts with high Hispanic population people who see in action as something that could be a problem for them for their reelection what was your biggest surprises question I those for they were actually for New York City income and facing some pretty formidable a democratic Challengers and 3 out of them one is that for Crowley of course which was sort of interesting I’m one Congressman lost by a pretty small Arms AR-15 that was sort of surprising but no other really big surprises that was definitely the Shocker of the night alright we’ll see what happens with an extra thank you so much for
Upset in N.Y. congressional race puts spotlight on party’s agenda for midterm elections.

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