What Judge Kavanaugh Has Said About Roe v Wade, the Constitution and Presidential Power

Pinewood one might call ones BS detector for determining when the executive branch might be exaggerating or Miss stating how things actually work for the problems that was supposedly in Sioux from Africa it gives you great respect for the presidency but that doesn’t translate into undo deference when Justice Kennedy says something I listen me and 320 million other Americans it’s confirmed to the DC circuit I would follow Roe v Wade faithfully and fully I would be binding precedent the courts been decided by the Supreme Court I’m saying if I were confirm to the DC circuit Senator I would follow it’s been reaffirm many times cluding and Planned Parenthood understand but what is your opinion you’re not on the bench yet you’ve talked about these issues in the past other people sure the Supreme Court has held repeatedly Center and I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to give up now he’s been one of the most consequential jurus in American history no doubt about it and it’s basic idea was pay attention to the words of the Constitution and pay attention to the words of the statutes that Congress passes a very soon can easily conveyed idea but it shows how far the Supreme Court had strayed from those ideas before Justice Scalia came on the same the Constitution document Majestic specificity and those specific words have meaning which apps in Constitutional Amendment continue to bind us as judges legislators and executive officials the federal Judiciary is really as I said many times it’s one of the crown jewels if not the crown jewel of our constitutional democracy and ultimately depends on getting good people willing to become judges in art in our system
The confirmation fight over President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is underway. Here is what Judge Kavanaugh has said about the justices he admires, Roe v. Wade and the presidency.

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