What does Trump want to accomplish with Putin summit?

White House officials say there will be a summit between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin as Kylie out with reports we don’t know when or where the summit will take place but we do have a sense of what’s on the agenda Trump National Security advisor John Bolton sat across the table from Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow today to hammer out the details for highly-anticipated Putin Trump Summit leaders of these two critically important countries to get together and discuss their Mutual problems and and areas of cooperation I’d like to hear someone say that’s a bad idea Coon cats bold and visit as launching of Revival to the ever degrading us relations according to the Washington Post Putin said Russia has never sought confrontation Trump has herpes he said that it would be good for the Cold War photos to have warmer relations the United Kingdom Germany France Greece Finland Austria Belgium and Italy have all had bilateral meetings with President Putin so but I just taking Europe is an example many many liters of the year President Putin Bad Blood between the US and Russia Russia maintains that it did not interfere in the 2016 presidential election despite us evidence R Us aggression in Ukraine and Syria can you carry. Strikes in Southwest area as recently as today the Mueller investigation is also continuing looking to the collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in the 2016 presidential election Washington and Moscow are set to announce the details of this Summit tomorrow but a food named said it would include a working breakfast and a press conference I also want to point out that National Security adviser John Bolton is an unlikely enabler of this meeting just last he wrote that us and Russian negotiating would be at the Peril of the u.s. Elaine Kylie thank you joining me now to discuss the possible Trump Putin Summit 4 G 0 media signal newsletter gave thanks so much for stopping by what is the president hoping to accomplish with this Summit with Vladimir Putin meeting with President XI of China in his meeting with the leader of North Korea and I think in this meeting with Putin he is trying he’s going to a country where he is widely popular and he’s he’s trying to broker some solutions to major issues Summit that is actually probably the most challenging all for president Trump because the assertive what is a major accomplishes is pretty unclear The u.s. Mirage I’ve had for many presidents have had very contentious relationship and previous weather of Obama or bush have struggled to certify for throughout their entire tenure strong relationship obviously the Mueller indictment is sort of in the background on all of this so he has to go in on one hand sort of work with Putin but on the other not look like he is placating and Russia I mean it is also 454 Vladimir Putin on the one hand he has his domestic audience what he know he he was just recently realized it with a and a short of a contentious is sort of election that foreigners Rivers and in the US he doesn’t want particularly a members of Congress to 2 pylon sanctions he wants sanctions relief he certainly is going to want to work on on issues in Syria and and and and security issues so he’s also trying to balance his desire to Russia’s State the position at the global table has Congress rent pressure Escape presidential election is actually going to come up see the US president bringing it up but he has as quickly come out and said that he can test this rid of even the context that that they metal he eventually said that that he accepted that fact but he doesn’t want to push Russia on that issue to be fair to the US president they have demonstrated hash push sanctions against Russia but I could see for example lower-level if it was bringing up issues around the upcoming midterms where there is it continues to hear that Russia could could game ball when you mentioned other Administration isn’t this attempt to reach out to Latimer Putin essentially what we’ve seen before from other administrations we’re at the beginning there’s an attempt to reach out to Vladimir Putin and connect with him and say you know we was Fab this report I remember President Bush saying famously that he saw his administration American presidents have followed where the beginning they they all said they try and get essentially some kind of Rapport established and use that perhaps if they can to deal with other issues faces of basic question what should be the grounds for constructive relationship These Arms Control has traditionally played that role and we saw with the Obama Administration operation as you mentioned are usually is a major hurdle for the President Obama that was the 2014 invasion of Ukraine for President Bush it was a conflict with Georgia so like you mentioned there are usually usually countries can cooperate but then crisis usually emerges that that brings it to loggerheads and the president with all the backdrop of the Mueller investigation with all of the questions of us restroom extra short of a set of issues that already complicate this traditional relationship that has been very tough and you have Siri where the United States eating place that is a word that has continued how could that ongoing situation somehow affect what we’re going to see here with the Putin Trump Summit the main issue Enzo called deconstructing zones in the southwest of the country to make sure they’re so soldiers don’t come in class together and infrared sort of casualties in that area but to work with Russia to make sure that once the conflict is over and end this out of regime sort of takes control of the entire country that it has some say and what that resolution looks like it is also worried about a Ronnie and continue to run president Trump and his advisers will bring up the issue of whether Russia can do some things to prevent Ryan if Wednesday at the influence of Ronnie and delicious in the country but I don’t want to give too much so far under the Trump Administration BF seemed is geopolitical shift I think it’s fair to say where these things are taking place that in the past maybe just a few years ago you never could imagine an American president shaking hands with a North Korean leader you cannot imagine American president going after G7 allies in a very public and forceful way or other countries viewing this notion of a trump Putin Summit early July that President Trump will be attending at Summit what he is Earth cast episode of a lot of questions about the USS continued commitment to Nato so I think this meeting looking at president Trump’s commitment to the NATO alliance registration traditionally Bedrock of American foreign policy and wondering whether he will give give give on major areas remind that you’re up in particular reviews you a sanction on Russia at all so it’s problematic they traditionally hurt European companies that cooperate a lot with Russian companies on the economic side that I think there is some notion that you could work together i-22 to Tamp down the relationship but on the security side there’s there’s a there’s a survey a broader reluctance or weariness about US presidents commitment to tornado it isn’t is it more difficult question and the main area where the u.s. is working with Ukraine is in and Russia still communist peace process that was instituted after the 2014 conflict and and and where they’re working to sort of come to a cohesive stop fighting in in the east of the country I think that President Trump will bring in will probably bring up some some regions of that agreement for the main thing is it’s short of the need for the Ukrainian government to Institute parts of that agreement and that and that’s the main hurdle there so I think be there probably happy that he’s meeting with President Putin hoping that he continued support and and in supplying arms to the Ukraine as they fight this proxy conflict with Russia but also understanding that they have to get their own ducks in a row are peace in the country thank you

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