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Michael Cohen reportedly has a story to tell NBC News has confirm cone is willing to inform Robert Mueller that Donald Trump has a candidate knew about that 2016 meeting between Russians and his top campaign aides at Trump Tower a knowledgeable or says the presidents former attorneys willing to tell the special counsel that Donald Trump jr. told his father in advance of the meeting going Plains first were reported last night by CNN news sources say Cohen does not have evidence to back up his CNN also reporting a source familiar with cones testimony to the house intelligence committee says going did not testify that Trump had Advanced knowledge nor does that claim appear in either of the committee’s reports Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis decline but reportedly told CNN I have to wonder why the Trump people put that story out it was not from US president Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani had this to say I expected something like this whole week I mean apply for years I don’t see how he has any credibility this is a trial and it will be a trial able to do you want to pick you want to pick the first why the second line or maybe there’s nobody that I know but if he’s like crazy cuz he’s like his life Julian was talking about that case so that with you say about Michael Cohen there Emily it is true according to CNN. Michael Cohen does not have evidence of his claim here it is true that it does not appear in either of the reports that came out of the house Intel committee cone also Define last year before the Senate Intel committee so he didn’t bring up this this allegation there either according to your reporting is he willing to present some evidence that he knew the Donald Trump knew in advance about this meeting people in Cohen world had said that the he had information that Robert Miller and his investigation would be interested in and three people at that time told me that some of that had to do with that Trump Tower meeting so this is been something that has been in the air and then talked about in Colon world is my sense that there is not necessarily A Smoking Gun a piece of evidence that the government has collected from his apartment hotel room and hotel in office but able to provide contacts there other people in the room Rudy Giuliani tonight last night on CNN it’s the other people in the room had said that but the real issue here is that there are credibility issues on both sides call on Friday when describing an audio recording that was released he said it was completely it’s cool pittore that it was the president who brought up paying the check and I think it’s pretty clear from the audio from the audio recording that we’ve heard now that that is not what Michael president had talked about in that conversation and so it’s hard to know who is telling the truth but I think what is clear is that Michael Cohen believe he has a lot to offer prosecutors for the fact that this came out limit is ability to do this is not a great day for Michael calling and people in his orbits are frustrated and Furious and feel like this is not what they wanted that happen and this is not how they wanted this to play out backs up against the wall when he has taken a more aggressive stand hiring Lanny Davis putting Lenny David’s out on TV. Providing those tapes to see in and of course and that perhaps this piece of information that coincides who’s willing to provide to Robert Mueller would get him out of trouble elsewhere he has two problem for the testimony of the New York problem in a Washington problem and what he wants to do is he wants to use anything he has to offer to solve both of them so could he make a global deal with the justice could you sit down and say look I know mother is interested in this I know the guys in New York want to know this here’s my exposure can I do that you need a very skilled lawyer to do that and the customers going to frown I think upon discontinued discussion that has gone on with these lawyers with Lani out there discussing things the way that he has I’m not sure how this has helped Michael Connor I’m just not sure what’s clear is that we’re a long way from I would take a bullet for Donald Trump head is right now yeah and his stance toward the president knighted states were about as far away from that as you can possibly get and to jump off of Emily’s point also in my past conversation with Michael Michaels clear to me is number one and isn’t Manny work for for over a decade nothing went on in this business without downloading about it and he had led me to believe that he could bring Trump back to Russia that that he came out play to me was not a surprise based on conversations Michael and I had had that without a specific piece of paper that they wouldn’t he use his exact words but that everything did you reference this meeting in particular and several months ago and maybe even in the room in that happened I think Michael at Tenley point also he’s frustrated because other than one or two the statements he’s made he really by his lawyer’s advice and by his friends advised his understood it’s time to be quiet what’s happening is he’s kind of being pulled out and he’s very fort in between I know I gotta lay low I know I’ve got to wait for my day in court literally figuratively forgot to punch back once in awhile and there’s this constant battle Franklin between Lonnie and his attorneys how hot is attorneys obvious recluse ain’t nothing right and so the kind of emotional daily rollercoaster of how he does it I also think attached this wouldn’t get this later in the show the biggest story of yesterday I probably last month is weisenberger the CFO that Emily also brought up organization from the beginning this is going to come back to 15 years or 20 years or 30 years of slimy dishonest Under head of business dealings you a connect that with Russia and everything else and I think they’re going to be things that come out we haven’t even thought first time we’ve heard this assertion from someone who knows Donald Trump really well Steve Bannon in Michael Wolff book was not actually in the Trump campaign Mission and retroactive in for speculation but it’s basically is either Junior would not be something that would not have been reported to his father I think that that Rings true to a lot of people to question I have for you Emily is this you were early I have everybody on the notion that when the information came out there was a tape it was not put that out there beside that was some of your redhead on the suggestion is again it that’s happening now again but this isn’t wanted to get ahead of tape to tape and try to contextualize it try to spin it try to set it up they knew was going to come out anyway what is a do you think this is the truck for sure who put this out everyone in number to this new information number to this is different how to tape to contextualize what does the Trump side had to gain in this one this particular Clan if it’s uncorroborated there’s no actual factual basis you’re so money and it’s so hard to understand anyone’s motivation and he does and I think you could probably argue both sides but it in Colon world the discussion how does this serve taking apart in from everything I know in my reporting that is not something he’s interested in not coming he’s looking for she’s not sending a smoke signal there could potentially hinder his ability to cooperate with with prosecutors if they feel like a card has been taken from his DACA and he doesn’t have as much to offer him now the trunk motivation look very vocal in his Stephanopoulos interview and maybe see if you weeks ago there were two things that stuck out to me from the interview there was one the facts that Stephanopoulos new to ask about payments to women which now came out and recording and Stephanopoulos new to ask about Trump Tower meeting and at the time I said I think we’re saying that those two things were asked about I don’t think that was an accident Rudy Giuliani in a legal team had sort of a preview of of two cars in Michael Collins deck and so it’s possible that because they knew that those are two things that were on Michael Collins mind because there was maybe this meeting that happened in people in Trump’s orbit maybe were in that meeting and Trump that they’re trying to get ahead of two things that Michael Cohen had signaled he was willing to talk to investigators it would contradict claims from Trump and his son after the New York Times broke this story 1 year ago I’d lot of people didn’t want to know this about your father it was such a Nothin Maggie Haberman that his colleague but go to you up first on the the Congressional side of this because they’re saying that you’re in the house intelligence lied to Congress it’s possible we don’t know exactly because we don’t have those transcripts but I will note a very important timeline in this in terms of who’s going to be able to who’s going to be send additionally about this in terms of Don Jr what he knew and also Paul man of war and what he knew what we know is that Don Jr made two calls around this meeting to a blocked number which was the modem Opera and I for him calling his father to a blocked number one was before one was after we also know from movement outside and inside Trump Tower that Trump was physically present during that meeting and we know that with an hour’s afterwards he was hang up with Paul manafort or at a luncheon just down the street so there would have been every opportunity for the president to have been briefed and again to take you back to Steve bannon’s remarks in the book it is incredulous to believe that president hadn’t been debriefed so I think we’re this becomes important if they’re going to try and discredit Michael Cohen is to look for corroboration from others who would have known and of course Don Jr told Fox News you know that that maybe I’ll come out as a lie but I just want to go back to the line did not walk the Russians up to his father’s office on the 26th floor is zero now that doesn’t suggest that you knew about it beforehand but it does suggest that he may have known about it reason you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more from Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
Michael Cohen asserts that President Trump knew in advance about a meeting at Trump Tower between his son and a Russian lawyer, in contradiction to Trump Jr.’s congressional testimony in May 2017, a source tells NBC News.
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What Does Michael Cohen Stand To Gain From New Revelation? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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