What do the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ have to do with Trump?

brexit and the Trump campaign have service similar ideological roots are they both serve grew out of a populist movement concerned about immigration concerned about Source sovereignty speak English and you see these two things happening basic and simultaneously as Steve Bannon was the big proponent of this within the Trump World and he had this long-standing connection I dating back to about 2013 with Nigel farage very happy to support in any way I could Donald Trump’s campaign back in 16 historian balls also to other men Andy Wigmore who was the spokesman for the campaign and Aaron Banks main financier he put up about the equivalent of 13 million dollars a finance the Nigel farage piece of the brexit campaign and in so doing he became the largest political donor in British history we knew at the time that they’re what is ideological connection between brexit in the Trump campaign after winning their big campaign and started becoming kind of Colt Heroes within a certain portion of the of the Trump base the brexit guys end up coming to the United States and acting almost surrogates for the Trump campaign what we didn’t know at the time and what is brand-new now is that internal emails and texts show that at the same time some of these key supporters of brexit we’re becoming very close very chummy with the Russian Ambassador in and they told us that they eventually had for in-person meetings and they say it’s purely a coincidence that two of the meetings they had came inside close proximity to the meetings they had with Donald Trump what we know now is that this is a topic that special count Robert Moore has been asking Witnesses about we also know that these Democrats in Congress are quite into the interest in this subject they tell us that they believe that this open the whole new chapter in to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election with the Democrats believe as possible is that potentially these brexit guy served as a conduit or a back-channel between the Russians and the Trump campaign we have at least two examples of meetings that they had in London with the Russian ambassador that were just before or just after a moment when they were meeting with Donald Trump in the United States we had extensive contact before the story with these men they completely deny that they say that these were standard kind of diplomatic and business exchanges that they were inocuos they were turning over their emails to us now because they say they have nothing to hide and they reject the idea that they were any kind of bat Channel or conduit with the Trump campaign and Russia
Three British men who played major roles in the Brexit vote had several meetings with a Russian Ambassador sometimes days before meeting with Donald Trump’s campaign. Read more: https://wapo.st/2lJ4Cf8. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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