Wendi Winters’s last ’Teen of the Week’ interview was on gun violence

Gerald Fishman Rob hyacin John McNamara Rebecca Smith Wendy Winters she contacted me last Friday about being Tina the week team of the week is a little segment she does about the teams in this area the ones that are really going above and beyond my mom nominated me and this Winter’s actually wrote me back very quickly like within 3 day we decided to meet up on Thursday for an interview so he’s done a lot of different things but one of the things she’s passionate about is social justice we really bonded over going to the marches and speaking up about gun violence one of the midshipmen that she sponsors she took him there cuz he had friends from the high school and she said that she was upfront in the crowds and he was by her side crying inside the Capital Gazette office for about 45 minutes then we went outside and took my pictures and a video of me everything seems really normal she walked me to my car and we said goodbye and she just told me and you know have a nice day and she told me when my article will be running in the newspaper when she told me that they spoke about gun violence less than a half-hour before this happened I was I was just gives me the chills to think about that just seems really ironic later that day will happen on the scene of a shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper that’s located in and he looked like he had seen a ghost and he said have you talked to your daughter and my mom called me to make sure I was home and I was okay and I was like why why are you so worried and she was saying that there was a gunman I had been she didn’t know it was the exact building yet but when I went online I found out that’s exactly where I had been so I texted Miss Winters and I just waited for a reply and so did everybody else when I got home but Mom I’m texting I just want to know that she’s okay so I feel so bad we literally just got done talking 30 minutes ago and she’s not writing me back I wasn’t thinking the worst in the beginning I was thinking maybe she left her phone in the office and talking to the police she was just in the hospital with the glass ceiling I never would have thought that she has been the victim it’s not just some distant thing anymore this is happening here this is happening it in my home this is basically my backyard and there’s senseless acts of gun violence here she had asked Wendy if she could practice her oral speech more times and when he said just want to be fine and she said if I had done it 3 times maybe I would have still been there I could my life any day and this just proves it even in the workplace I think the biggest thing that I’ll remember is just how big her personality was I feel like she could have kept talking to me for hours she had so much to say and she really wanted to hear everything about me sure how any journalist is but I felt like she wanted to get to know me she was just a very wonderful person and nobody deserves what happened I was excited to hear what she was going to write about me after just wish I could read it
18-year-old Sofia Biondi, likely the last person Wendi Winters interviewed, recounted her time with the journalist half an hour before Winters was shot and killed in the Capital Gazette newsroom. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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