‘We should wait till the next Congress’: Senators react to Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement

Supreme Court really matters when this week in the last week or so the Supreme Court has taken away workers rights and women’s rights and voting rights and I’m hopeful the president will actually try to bring the country together and not / pic far-right nominee but instead we’ll pick one that can get 70 or 80 votes and try to heal the country and and I think that our committee should have the time necessary to appropriately get prepared for this next nominee and in fact I agree with my colleague Senator Durbin who said we should wait till next Congress to do this nomination process so that the people will be able to decide who will be engaging in the advice-and-consent role which is our constitution having a Justice who focuses on the law focuses on the Constitution as written and I think that’s what a lot of senators are going to be looking for with regard to the next Supreme Court Justice especially surprised if you look at Justice Kennedy over the last few months my senses and others have noted this as well it seems that he hasn’t brought his typical version passion to the you on some of the questions for example like gerrymandering I think he clearly has felt more strongly in the past then he has a recently and I think it’s going to be particularly important to thoroughly that any nominee because there is no question that these policies of Courts shocking really have implications for the security and well-being American family

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