Watch separated mom and son reunite

little bit about 25 year old woman will call Brenda right now I have your last name for her own protection we are anticipating this moment your little boy hadn’t seen him for a month and this is the first time as we see together that this 25 year-old woman is able to hold her child let’s go ahead listening puppy instead you pictures Friends of the woman that light color T-shirt walking with her son now that we’re separated on the 27th of May she and her son cross the border illegally according to what her legal representation has says told us and she had her attorneys believe that they were separated so that Brenda for you see here could faces criminal charges under President Trump zero-tolerance policies return he’s telling me that that never happened but I said the damage was done when this child was taken away from her mother I can tell you that this is a moment that they have waited for for a very long time especially is Brenda has been separated me that they were separated not long after that after she was detained at the border she was taken to Colorado and then eventually taken here to the Washington DC area as for her child will be ended up in Florida one of the many children who have been taken care of or been taken care of here by the government and her mother has been searching for 4 weeks now to be able to to to reunite with her child to hear we are Papi this is the moment that many of these immigration attorneys and told us if not happening off and says we step back here for a little while and give Brenda some time with her son I was just important to to to to see these pictures here these are these family reunification so again many people say or just not happening fast enough Polo let me ask remarkable to see let me ask you if you know anything about how this happened because one of the big questions right now facing the administration is how are you going to reunite all of these families by the 30-day deadline that that federal judge impose this week do you have any details on why and how this family was reunited where two thousand more children wait to hopefully have the same thing Buckeye can tell you that her lawyers tell me that this was certainly a logistical nightmare that they were having to deal with is that they were struggling to find out exactly where this child was in this is what this is why they work so hard this happened here is the deal with the databases work with the government information has been very hard to track down obviously and so her attorneys telling me that this is something that was weeks in the making trying to find out exactly where their child what rights Brenda’s child and finally able to find it determine that they were in Florida and that this family reading fication could actually happen tried to speak to Mom here in a little bit just talked to talking about how everything is been for her and only has one little boy in this is him right here okay and I’m so keep she definitely has a support system here is they try to get their life back to normal he let me tell you what happens next for I’m as you see them here together mother and child attorneys will not work to consolidate their Asylum cases that way they can stay together regardless of what happens whether they’re weather a deportation happens or their Asylum claim goes through successfully so how many attorneys have been working for is for these children to stay with their parents so that they can navigate through the court process at least together instead of being States apart which is what we saw and Brenda Case is happening live at Dulles Airport this mother Brenda being reunited with her son who she was separated with back in May 26th when she crossed over the border from Mexico undocumented she said she was seeking Asylum and now I will go through this did you just go process of their Asylum claims being heard but they are at least together pull us out of all thank you for being there will be right back
A 25-year-old woman was reunited with her seven-year-old son at Dulles International Airport after being separated at the US-Mexico border for a month.

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