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will be leaving for North Korea on July 5th to meet with the North Korean leader this team the state department will release more details about his upcoming trip one item that some of you may have missed last Wednesday in the midst of a busy Newsday was the confirmation hearing for VA secretary nominee Robert Wilkie mr. Wilkie has been twice confirmed by the Senate most recently last Fall by unanimous consent for his current position as under secretary for personnel and Readiness at the department of during the hearing mr. Wilkie not only demonstrated that he has the leadership and experience to leave the VA he also spoke in depth about how he shares the president’s Vision to put veterans first centers Isaacson and Tester the committee chairman and rain remember respectively have expressed their support the White House expects the Senate to move quickly to confirm Robert Wilkie is the next be a secretary upon his return and would that I will take your questions here for the record I had to give it to it so committed to a pointing pro-life president said last week he’s not going to talk to judges about specific cases he’s looking for individuals that have the right intellect the right temperament and that will uphold the Constitution Senator Susan Collins said that she wants a nominee that will respect president and that Roe versus Wade is settled law does the president agree that Roe versus Wade is settled law about specific cases but he’s looking for somebody that needs those qualifications that I just outlined reports out of North Korea that it is either into new lawn with its nuclear program to make the effort to enhance it and it anyway seeking to deceive this Administration about his denuclearization intentions IMEI intelligence report what I can tell you is that we’re continuing to make progress Ambassador Kim had a meeting just yesterday with members of the North Korean delegation and secretary Pompeo as I just will be headed to North Korea later this week and we’re going to continue those conversations missile launches you haven’t seen nuclear you haven’t seen the nuclear detonations and again these conversations are continuing to evolve am not going to get into the details but I can tell you that progress continues to be made who are the four judicial candidates that the president at night so I can clear that up I know you were really curious about that again the president is being very thoughtful about this process he’s looking for certain characteristics which we’ve outlined and beyond that I can tell you he met with four people today the meetings lasted roughly 45 minutes and he’s going to continue yes and he’s going to continue meetings through is this week with a few other candidates person last Thursday wrote on Twitter House Republicans should pass the strong but fair immigration Bill known as goodlatte to and their afternoon vote today then on Sunday you wrote on Twitter I never pushed the Republicans in the house to vote for the immigration bill either goodlatte one or two why would the president lie about something like that he didn’t the president has talked all along we’ve laid out the priorities in the principles that we support that we wanted to see reflected and legislation that the same time the president wasn’t aggressively lobbying member because he knew that Democrats in the Senate still were unwilling to actually come to the table and focused on Solutions rather than playing political games we could have gotten it through the house but that doesn’t work if we can’t get it through the Senate and Democrats have made it abundantly clear that they don’t actually want to fix problems they just want to talk about this all the way I guess for some reason they think this is a good issue for them although it isn’t and frankly I think it’s outrageous that Democrats have not come to the table had to help fix this problem around the UN and I just wanted to get on the record if you can put that in context trust everyone is at in play never too but is that really something you would consider he’s looking up for the Supreme Court at least for women the qualifications and that’s what he’s focused on to the steel and aluminum Terrace that the president has composed already on a imported steel and aluminum response from the White House when the president to that action by Canada for many years they taken advantage of the Hat particularly advantage of our farmers actually proposed did they get rid of all tariffs and drop all barriers and have a really great trade and they refuse that and escalating tariffs against the United States does nothing to help Canada and it only hurts American workers the pro it is working to fix the broken system and he’s going to continue pushing for that Jordan go out the u.s. annexation or is that on the table do not recognize Russia’s attempt to Annex Crimea we agree to disagree with Rush on that front and our Crimea sanctions against Russia War in place until Russia Returns the peninsula to Ukraine this point showing activity going on at these North Korean sites related to a uranium processing as well as the missile facilities so also John Bolton yesterday on Face the Nation said that the overwhelming bulk the program could be dismantled within a year while address we had good meetings yesterday and as I said that the secretary of state will be there later this week to continue those discussions I’m not going to confirm or deny any of the intelligence reporting that’s out there and as far as the one-year timeline Ambassador Bolton said if North Korea makes the decision to denuclearize their ballistics programs could be dismantled in a year there’s a great moment of them right now for positive change and we’re moving together for further negotiations beyond that I don’t have anything for you President Putin would be elections and that we don’t want election meddling does that mean he intends to raise the possibility of Russian interference in the midterm elections and does he have any proposed about that the president’s conversations but will keep you guys posted and updated as things develop film Mexico flower and I talked pretty extensively about trade and the willingness for both parties to come together to make a deal and we’re going to continue focusing on making sure we get a good deal for the United States Start It All Hang Michael Cohen Segal face I’m not going to answer questions on this topic and would prefer you the presents outside counsel like Mexico has done so as well China has put their Terrace on as well some of them in some are expected to come 34 billion dollars worth in the next few days focused not on the short-term but on a long-term and he wants to make sure that we’re doing things that help protect American workers and protect American industry and he is going to keep pushing to make sure that we have good trade deals we have been in trade deficits with nearly every country across the globe for years in the president wants to ensure that that doesn’t continue how how long is the long-term we’re not setting a table in there a lot of different negotiate negotiations going on we made progress on a number of fronts and the president again is committed to making sure we have good deals get rid of all tariffs in Albury or so if there’s countries out there that want to do that I’m sure he’d be happy to sit down and make that happen right now and move this process forward a whole lot quicker vacations just quickly here on two different topics number one he feels his own policy on going I’m not going to way into anything specific on that front at this point comment on that front North Korea I still trust in progress and momentum in the process and we’ve had good conversations as recently as yesterday and we’re continuous conversation later this week and push forward Jeff secretary mnuchin and the president have said that that is not accurate that the US is leaving the WTO but he certainly voice frustration and he’s been clear that he has concerns that there number of aspects that he doesn’t believe her fair and China and other countries have used the WTO to their own Advantage focused on fixing the system and that would include that Caitlin change that he’ll do something what was he referring to how about that specifically it’s going to affect his legacy for decades to come his list nearly 2 years ago of what those individuals would look like and has continued I made updates to the list just last year and these are all individuals that have been looked at and considered not just for the last week but for the last two years and something that the president’s been very thoughtful in and is going to make the right decision when that moment comes on Monday so what exactly does the president want to see from the WTO what actions does he expect them to take an overall more fair trading system and we’re going to be continuing negotiations with individual countries as well as organizations and we’ll keep you posted on any details Francesca potentially how he feels about the idea that is former attorney said that you would quit his wife and find his family and his country first but not the president Council in response to Jordan you made very clear that sanctions for Russia that pertains to Crimea or not on the table going to this meeting with Vladimir Putin but what can you tell us about election meddling are sanctions for the election get ahead of the presidents meeting but will keep you posted as it takes place John oldest at the president intended to call president erdogan of Turkey following his reelection or his election as president and we never got a readout on or whether or not graduated you would you elucidate on the call that he made the president erdogan get back to you with details for the call springboard will overturn Roe v Wade and the issue of abortion would be returned to the states is that still his position now selecting a supreme court nominee is a president said last week he’s not going to discuss specific cases with those nominees before the deadline for you president open to any stand-alone bill which would stop family separation at the border permanently and reform the US Asylum process which is led by GOP senators and members in the house before we didn’t directly but certainly would be open to legislation that fixed the broken system if Democrats would actually show up to do their jobs and participate and solutions we would be happy to discuss those and again support things that help fix the broken system what is current US policy at zero tolerance or is it catching release the president’s executive order has bought some time for congress but that the clock is ticking and Congress needs to act to fix this process because we’re running out of time on what we have the ability to do particularly with the district court that weighed in just last week Cayman the campaign today to oppose the president’s agenda they’re saying that the administration threatening to undermine the economically progress at work so hard to achieve and create a fair playing field that’s what he wants to do and that’s what he’s hoping to achieve and we’re confident that he will get here that people who are living here illegally everything at least 15 years to get green card 78 Fordham to metric let’s talk many times about fixing the overall system of the illegal and legal immigration we want a certainly address it illegal immigration and securing our borders and protecting American communities however at the same time there is a process that people should follow and we want to look for ways to fix that process as well an expedite that come back here for the last question do more to control immigration president Trump has threatened to cut foreign aid to Central American nations if they don’t do more to address the outflow vinaigrettes can you tell me what specific steps meeting with usaid State Department to outline what could be cut because we like to see them step up and do more to stop illegal immigration into the United States helping their participation and making that happen thanks so much guys have a great day going through a panoply of of issues as she’s usually the case at the White House briefing she touched on quite a few questions about North Korea whether they are trying to pull the wool over the US’s eyes on these both denuclearization etcetera talked about the Supreme Court candidates the president has met with four candidates for extended meetings and will meet with some others coming up the summit with Putin conversational Mexico’s new president-elect and the World Trade Organization but right now we have our CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett is there to answer our question
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders briefs the press today and then takes questions.

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