Watch Now: Pres.Trump marks 6mth anniversary of tax cuts, addresses Annapolis shooting

bombs in your pocket or wherever else you want to spend it before going any further I’d like to add SD horrific shooting that took place yesterday at Capital Gazette News Room in Annapolis Maryland this attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with gray journalist like all Americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job to the families of the victims there are no words to express our sorry for your loss horrible horrible event horrible thing happened when you’re suffering we pledge our Eternal support the suffering is so great I’ve seen some of the people are so great my government will not rest until we have done everything in our power to reduce violent crime and to protect innocent life we will not ever leave your side so our warmest best wishes and regrets her riffic horrible thing thank you for today’s event we’re honored to be joined by her great vice president Mike Pence 10 open also joining us our secretary Steven mnuchin has been keeping very busy lately stay at secretary Alex Acosta just came up with a great healthcare plan thank you Alex great health care plan people are really liking it Association Sonny Perdue the grey secretary of agriculture small business administrator Linda McMahon still doing an incredible job director Mick Mulvaney and Treasurer Jovita Carranza thank you thanks also to a really great friend of mine Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and all of the other state local Federal officials that have done so much to help us with this incredible tax cut and job plan you see how it’s worth it though I have to say I think that the cutting of regulations maybe had just as big and it I don’t want to I don’t want to say this to you but I think the cutting of regulations had just as big and in fact I also want to welcome 182 Dugan Kay Coles James Aaron Kerrigan and Michael Feldman for helping us you support has been incredible in getting this very difficult legislation to the finish line and pass please stand up stand up great great team thank you very much and there are so many others in the room you know you never going to speak to me again but we’re not going to give any more names let’s get down to business other than these names who are the important ones okay we’re also especially proud of the Republican members of Congress who fought I mean they fought with us they they at we didn’t get Democrat vote we didn’t get one vote to these massive tax cuts so I want to thank Rodger wicker representative Diane black Kevin Brady what a warrior Kevin Kevin come on Walmart Mike Kelly my friend and Jason Smith are great Republican members of Congress work night and day to score this Landmark Victory this really was a land victory for their constituents but much more importantly for the country unfortunately every single Democrat in the House and Senate that’s right every single one voted against lower taxes for the hard working Americans and you see what’s happened it’s turned out to be something very special the tax cuts and jobs act slash income taxes all across the board we nearly double the standard deduction and did double the child tax credit which Ivanka wanted very much I woke up out of your stand up you got a bigger hand on the politicians you better be careful that means you’re all in trouble the typical family of 4 earning $75,000 see an income tax cut of more than $2,000 and in some cases more slashing there tax bill in half we cut taxes for businesses of all sizes to make this the best place on Earth to start a business to invest we have billions and billions of dollars of additional Revenue coming in we lowered the corporate tax rate so the American worker finally has a Level Playing Field we allowed companies to deduct every single penny of investment in new equipment and it’s called expensing it’s the biggest secret in the plan I think it’ll go down as may be the most important element its one-year expensing nobody but we never see that so incredible the starting up a business or running a business we greatly reduce the burden of the unfair is state tax commonly known as the death tax you know that’s such a big thing and most farms and most of all business will not pay any estate tax or death tax anywhere certificate zones to promote more jobs in low-income communities we opened Anwar that’s a big one we opened up a tour that they said no president could get it for many years I wasn’t going to do it because I was angry at someone I said I’m not going to do it and then when I heard that Ronald Reagan couldn’t do it nobody could do it they been trying for 50 years I said let’s do that immediately it’s like a challenge and they started that process it’s going to be something one of the biggest in the world we also repealed in a Scott plan we repealed the most I guess you could say unpopular thing I’ve seen in a long time in politics or legislation the individual mandate on Obamacare individual mandate how about that one that’s not a very good well that’s where you have the privilege of paying a fortune in order to not pay to have bad Health Care think of that so another words you pay a lot of money not to have health care so it’s not working too good we got rid of it that’s a big thing we got no credit but that’s okay I bet some people come up to me they say they like that as much as the tax cut I was a big thing and ObamaCare is just about over we have come up with so many plans and we have a plan coming out an additional secretaries are coming out in a very short period of time which is going to be I think it’s going to perhaps match your plan from Department of Labor it’s going to be something very special 6 months after I tax cuts more than six Michigan workers have received bonuses pay raises and retirement account contributions elements of what I do I love to see happy faces but I’ll stand on line sometimes before or after a speech and I’ll be with a lot of people that want pictures for whatever reason they want a picture of me and I stand with the police a lot and I’ll see you a policeman any particular one in New York City and he said sir I want to thank you you made me a hero to my wife and to my family I’ve always been a horrible investor but this year my 401k think of it like 46% I think he sent my wife thinks I’m a genius she thinks I’m the greatest investor for the first time in my life and you know in terms of that you are worth we’ve created 7 trillion dollars worth of value for a country and people don’t know this where double the size almost double the size cuz we here China and China’s terrific fish and chip is terrific with straightening out the balance and I think most people want to see that but we’re the largest economy in the world by far and as you know we’ve been priest a lot over the last one and a half years but we’re almost double the size of China and far bigger than anybody else and we’re going up very rapidly and it’s going to continue to go up Thursday Washington we are the biggest did you know that the biggest economy in the world by far that’s the only way to do it right good then really is as pretty good and they helped us a little bit okay every little bit counts so they share of small businesses raising benefits and pay is just set a new all-time record and Manufacturing optimism to me so Gordon because it’s all about optimism is the highest ever recorded this is a hundreds of billions of dollars are coming back from overseas over 300 billion dollars was just repatriated into our country in the first quarter alone think of that 300. money we never would have seen trillions more dollars are on their way back and as you know Apple announce ticket has been 350 billion dollars not have been happy with that too but 350 billion dollars is being brought back I guess the total amount that bringing back is approximately 230 billion and they’re putting up the rest the old-fashioned way they’re bringing this money back it would never have come back they going to build an a credible campus and lots of other things we just left Wisconsin and what fox gun is building up in Wisconsin is literally and I said it the 8th Wonder of the world it’s incredible what they’re doing 15000 jobs to the car 15 billion dollars it is something that is so incredible you have to go see it nobody would believe what’s happening more than 100 utility companies have lowered prices as a direct result of our business tax cuts saving Americans 3 billion dollars on their utility bills utility bills are going down unemployment claims are at a 44-year low that’s a good one for you something I am so proud of I love it unemployment for African Americans is at the lowest level in the history of our country okay I’m looking at Kevin that was a good job you’re right about that Kevin huh how is that is something we will write every tiendas rumors right and I have to say unemployment for Hispanic Americans likewise is at the lowest point in the history of our country unemployment unemployment for women and I love you listen to my speech 2 weeks ago you would have heard me say is the lowest in 21 years now I’m saying it’s the lowest in 65 years and soon will be the lowest in history the difference 21 years 65 years hopefully in a week or two it’ll be history would close to history 65 years a long time I’m also very proud to say that unemployment for the disabled Americans has reached record giving these incredible Americans the chance to realize their unlimited potential and that’s what it is unlimited potential are also getting a second chance at life we are keeping our promise to buy American and hire American and what’s happening is our economy is so good are unemployment is so and our employment is so high maybe that’s an even nicer way of saying it and people that want to get a second chance inmates people coming out of jail to wear this stigma was so great people weren’t hiring businesses weren’t hiring the highway them now in record numbers and you know what these businesses are saying they are fantastic they’re set and is one gentleman and particularly hire 10 inmates never did it before and he said I wouldn’t say he said all of them but he said 7 of them are some of them are as good as he’s ever had and he’s going to do it more of it so there’s nothing like a great economy to solve that problem Jared Wright and Chris thank you very much for this but this is all because we’re one country and really one family and we salute 1 great and beautiful American flag we love that flag system that is pro-jobs pro worker pro-family and pro-american credible citizen who has benefited from our tax cuts and job act is lasagna Hill I love that name lasagna but I have another daughter I think I’m going to can I copy I like that day from Jacksonville Florida great place I know it well lasagna is the director at customer care at Crowley Marine following the tax cuts Crowley was able to pay employees like lasagna a big tax cut bonus they took a lot of money and they gave it around to the employees that bonus will help support the education of her two sons Cameron and Christian pretty good pretty good so happy for your family and I know your sons are going to make you very proud they’re great young man and lasagna please would you say a few words please thank you mr. president for the invite his is of an honor to be here today as you said Crowley Maritime was able to benefit from the tax reform by paying employees bonuses and and return my family we were able to invest in our children’s education my son Cameron he will be entering into his senior year at Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia and my youngest Christian he’ll he will it be entering into his freshman year at Savannah State both in the fall so because of this you know Crowley Maritime is a fantastic company I’ve been there 24 years I’m very honored to work for such a great company and for the company to benefit from such a great tax opportunity in which they were able to give back to the employees and so I want to thank not only mr. president allowing us the opportunity to tell her story but also collie as a company that I’ve been with for so long throughout my career so thank you again by the way she got the biggest far including you Ivanka and it’s all of my political Geniuses out here great job like your professional speaker potential thank you very much it’s beautiful beautiful family another American it was used his text cut to give back to others is Guy berkebile president of guy chemical inside Merced Pennsylvania the great state of Pennsylvania credible Place guy increased bonuses Ray salaries and purchase new equipment guy is also hired 30 new employees to help me customer demand which is actually booming right now the best he’s ever had and here with guy or two of his tremendous employees Lily and Diest and Michelle krulak we want to ask I maybe if you could come up safe words about the tax cuts and how it’s affected your company and I assume your people that work for you or really happy please can the president Trump in the members of Congress who have voted for this tax bill I can’t tell you how much it means to my company in my employees what I found in my company in 1995 I’m more into my house seven times in order to pay for the growth of the company over the next 10-15 years before the company finally got large enough that you could stand on its own the money that we are saving from the corporate tax cuts I ever you better back into our business it into our employees we recently just build an addition onto a manufacturing facility in Somerset Pennsylvania this Edition includes new equipment a new compounding room and new lab 4 research and development that is 5 times larger than our old lab funny has led to a 35% increase in sales over the first quarter of 2018 in addition to the 30 new jobs that we created this year so far will the tax cut money I have been increasing salaries and we have also increase bonuses to our employees I have some of my employees that have come down or sitting out here in the in the fourth row and I have two right here Michelle true Lake her son also works for us to Michelle’s one of our drawer line leaders she is using the additional money from her increased bonus to fix her car I take it since he has a reliable way to work every day of his tax plan it was signed into law 6 months ago mr. Trump also address the deadly shooting at Annapolis Maryland yesterday he said it shocked the conscience of the nation and quote filled our hearts with grief will have a lot more on that Rampage ahead including new details on the suspect keep it right here you’re streaming PSN
The White House celebrates the six month anniversary of the tax cut bill. The President made brief comments about the Annapolis shooting at the start of the event, saying: “Journalists, like all Americans, should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their jobs.”

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