WATCH LIVE: President Trump remarks at Salute to Service dinner, West Virgina

oh he did switched from Democrat to Republican you don’t see that often so it’s hard for me to say no I’m not coming I said I’m coming and it’s a beautiful place and I watch these tournaments I have such respect for these guys Percy’s great talent that nobody knows how good they are they’re really talented athletes but we’re gathered here on the eve of the 4th of July to celebrate the courageous men and women who make Freedom possible are brave sir members in our wonderful veterans so we love our veterans love for 242 years long time American independence because of the sweat blood and sacrifice of the American armed forces we be yeah you probably been here and we met are at a little thing called space force we have Air Force Space Force I don’t know if anybody wants to hear that but we’re thinking very seriously about it cuz space is becoming very important militarily as well as other reasons but the greatest Force for peace and Justice and the history of the world during both the Civil War in the world or to The Greenbrier served as a hospital for wounded soldiers so it’s so appropriate tonight at the greenbrier’s first annual salute to service dinner we’re calling upon this Rich history and we are carrying on the p proud Legacy of supporting America’s Heroes joining us for tonight’s ceremony or many incredible golfers who will be competing at The Greenbrier this weekend I’ll be sitting home the White House and I’ll be watching and saying I wish I could play like that among those with us I just said hello to a few of them Bubba Watson he’s having a good year was Bubba where is he born yeah thank you bubba Keegan Bradley thanks that shorter Putters okay longest hitter I’ve ever seen Big John Daly John John boys I played with John and it tournament that we one meaning that he won he won he won and then I go back one right John you something and Phil Mickelson Phil I’ll tell you I’ll never forget I was at this is I don’t think so I can remember this for like 15 years Phil where is that guy he’s so incredible about 15 years ago and who is Donald and I’m watching and the place is packed with people in Phil’s there they sees me and I’d like Phil in Phil I think likes me and he’s on the third hole and it’s a big deal a big tournament then he said okay check it and he gets up hits a ball with a 3-wood he hits a 3-wood like 280 right down the middle then it comes back okay good so how’s everything else and I said that really a special town if that’s the office it’s really a man what a great career what a great gentleman I also want to thank Jim Nantz for leaving this evening’s program Jim wherever you may be was Jim does a great great job High Gym option really good and Slugger why he keeps everybody honest right where Slugger Slugger is done a fantastic job nobody plays games with Slugger I know it Darrell I tried to move the tease back I couldn’t do this would let me do it there was no doubt about it writes like a slug is great and all of the PGA officials tournament staff in the volunteers for their incredibly hard work in putting this really incredible event together and a job that Jim Justice is done with the course is really spectacular also with us this evening is acting VA secretary is doing a phenomenal job at the Veterans Administration Peter O’Rourke Peter Peter good job Peter got a lot of work at the VA along with West Virginia Shelley Moore capital is a good golfer by the way Shelly good golfer Shelley and Congressman Alex Mooney and Morgan Griffith where are they great thanks fellas tremendous help to me getting things past you think it’s easy and Congress not easy so I have 2 great if I didn’t introduce them as an example today that never vote for me again that would be the end of your taxes that would be the end of everything I also want to thank our great attorney general from West Virginia Patrick Morrissey who is fighting a great grace Patrick and congratulations to Patrick running for the US and he is a tough strong guy and he ran an incredible race against some very talented people anyone and now he’s got another race and it’s going to be icy the polls have it very close you may be surprised to see what’s going to happen he’s got incredible energy incredible strike that he loves the people of West Virginia like a lot so good luck Patrick we’re proud of you great job speaker tomorrow good and majority whip Carol Miller I want to thank you very much for being here and Carol good luck in the race I know you’re going to do well but I know you’re going to do well I were honored to have with us the general of West Virginia Major General James Hoyer of the National Guard the big cheese thank you thank you Jenna thank you very much tomorrow families July as we do we will think of the men and women serving overseas as this very moment far away far far away from their families protecting American watching over our people they are there and they are with us and they are brave these are incredible people and we will thank God for blessing us with these unbelievable Heroes to everyone here tonight who has served our nation in Europe would you please stand so we can express our gratitude please stand please tough cookies and you know when it comes to ice and Border Patrol and all of these incredible people that you’ve been reading about for doing unreal job we want border security we want security and our country we respect ice you know Isis the ones he’s a tough people and to be tough and when they have a problem with MS-13 gangs and all of these others that came in through these horrible and weak immigration laws that Shelly was strengthening up we’re going to get them done we need top floors we need Fair laws but when these people come into our country and come in illegally and then the dispersed throughout the country and all of a sudden you see nests of MS 13 you know it’s like you’re liberating towns we send Ice in and price it’s just another day like Phil and John and Keegan all of the guys and Bubba like they play golf they go they play they don’t know it’s hard they don’t know what that is like in a war you liberating a town or an area and Ice goes in there and they go in there and sometimes they have to go in swinging they don’t mind the tough and then I hear Democrats we want to abandon nice we want to abandon we’re not abandoning ice and we’re not abandoning our law enforcement just the opposite so I want to recognize today a legendary hero from West Virginia a veteran who fought in Iwo Jima in February of 1945 he volunteer today straight into it fire to destroy vital enemy fortifications in to clear a path for American forces to continue forward he went right into the Machine Gun Nest John Daly wouldn’t do that and he’s a pretty tough good job would you do that definitely hurt your golf game. That’s the end of golf in the face of bullets and bayonets he risked his life for his brothers in arms earned the Congressional Medal of Honor today what do you want amps is 94 years old he has dedicated his life to supporting gold star families and building memorial to honor of four service members in 2016 thousands removed by Woody’s patriotic words when he spoke at one of our rallies in West Virginia he was incredible still remember it and of course we all remember wonderful moment when Woody flipped the coin at this year’s Superbowl Woody you are a National Treasure and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts what do you were where is Woody where is Woody thank you honey thank you Woody Brave man before I give up a lot of congressional Medals of Honor what I say a lot probably 5 so far and it’s really one of my my greatest honors to do the Congressional medal of honor to our highest honor Woody fantastic so often I’m giving them bust you miss lady where I just not around but we hear the stories and their families that they are and everyone’s proud but every once in awhile we have one that can be given to people that are living like you Woody so thank you very much we’re all so deeply moved and honored to be joined by a gold star spouse who knows the true price of freedom Bruce Perry Christine’s husband Chris was a sergeant in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division great group Chris was killed in action in Iraq in 2005 Christine tonight we send the love and gratitude of our entire nation your husband was a special man we will hold you and your precious family in our hearts forever Christine were you Christie Christine thank you very much thank you sister thank you Kristen and Christine through your husband’s heroic sacrifice you understand that he has achieved in mortality and our debt to him and to you is eternal and everlasting thank you very much thank you Charlie from Bunker Hill to the beaches of Normandy and the jungles of Vietnam Americans and every generation have given their last breath there last measure of love and their final moments in defense of their country and their countrymen our service members have fulfill their duty to America a million times over now we must fulfill our sacred duty to them we must protect those who protect us when our service members are in uniform it is Our obligation to insure that they have the finest equipment the finest training care resources better than any military on Earth and what our service members return to civilian life is Veterans we must ensure they have access to the best care treatment and support in the world restoring American Security by rebuilding our great military we have secure this year with the help of Shelly and you’re great Congressman a record 7 good billion dollars for our military and next year 716 billion dollars most amount ever we’re rebuilding our military and when have we needed it more outside of wars that think about it and we’re building it so big so powerful so strong stronger than we’ve ever been and hopefully we’ll never have to use it then is the golfers can tell you the stronger we get the less likely it is that we will have to use it but we’ll be at a point the likes of which we’ve never been as a power and again hopefully never having to use that incredible equipment that is built right here best in the world in the USA pay raise and it was about time they’ve been waiting for a long time and I’m proud that under my Administration we passed the largest VA reforms and half a century I signed into larger recently the VA accountability legislation and just so you understand accountability you couldn’t fire anybody in the VA they could be sadist they could be late they could be bad they could lots of problems they could talk back to you you couldn’t do a thing for 40 years it been trying to get it passed and we got it past will VA accountability and as I’ve said before now look at the person that violates our great veterans and we say Jim get the hell out of here you’re fired and we can do it now we can do it you couldn’t do anything good we have a lot of great people as promised we open the White House VA hotline and have instituted new transparency on wait times and quality of care we are processing veteran playing more quickly than ever before we’re expanding health care so that our great veterans can get care anywhere anytime and maybe most importantly I don’t know accountabilities but this is another one I used to be very proud of myself when I be on the campaign Trail and I’d say you know why don’t they just pay a doctor to take care of because as you know sometimes veterans will stand online for days today’s 4 weeks can you imagine Phil Mickelson going to the doctor and they say good he should be there in about 12 Days 12 days that’s not acceptable feel right it’s not acceptable so what we doing is now if there’s a wait if there’s a problem you’re going to a doctor that might be right across the street you going to get taken care of immediately people would wait how long you’d wait weeks you stand on line you’d literally come back day after day so now we have what school VA choice now used to say why don’t they do that I didn’t know anything I thought it was totally brilliant then I went to tell people about it they said yeah we’ve been trying to get that past 4 years so I was very good at getting it past because we got it past 3 weeks ago so now you have VA choice they were very proud of that and we’re very proud of what’s happening at the VA in order to maintain our security as a nation we understand that we must have economic strength as well and nobody believes it if I would have said it they would have said what a horrible thing to say what an exaggeration to fake news they’re all back there they’re all back there if I what a shot of 75 that said there’s no way he could do it snowing they might be right about that but they are back there they would have said there’s no way 3.4 million new job since election day they would have said no they would have said a lot of people this stuff unemployment claims are at the lowest point in 44 years that means people working again African American is in the lowest it’s ever been the history of our country it’s at the lowest in the history of our country member used to say what American unemployment the lowest in the history of our country by the way women years now I’m 66 years I think within 2 weeks I’ll be saying the lowest in history the lowest unemployment in 66 years call experts remember I said call Cole clean call Jim clean call right we always say clean called and what they can do now is incredible with call Clean Coal exports skyrocketed by more than 60% Nationwide and I’m so proud of that when we came here I met with the miners and I talked to the minors and I talked to him in about different way of life didn’t want to hear about they love thinking call that’s what they like they love the grandfathers that father’s their families and cold is coming back and it’s also coming back for another reason National Security and your governor knows very well in your Senator knows very well what that means with Cole get our you bomb a pipeline that’s the end of the pipe work with Colette stuff is indestructible you can move it around on a truck you can dump it at the plant you could do whatever the hell it can rain on top of it can rain like crazy can do whatever you want snow sleet wind you just dump it it’s there you hit those pipelines at gone and that’s the end of it open national security purposes I don’t like people talk about enough cold America is winning again because we’re finally putting America First we’re putting our country first tomorrow we commemorate 204 2 years since our forefathers adopted the Declaration of Independence in their quest to become a sovereign Nation they knew they would have to defeat the most powerful military on Earth currency they knew that they knew that as they meant thousands upon thousands of British troops were disembarking outside of New York City preparing to crush the revolution going to crush it quickly they weren’t even actually taking it seriously these Patriots knew that their lives their fortunes and our sacred honor we’re on the line they risked it all for the promise of more of a just and better future they wanted this great future in this incredible and they made the same Brave Choice as countless others who followed in the generations at them the choice to stand strong for their families their principles their pride and they are god-given rights every time we see an American in uniform anytime we have the chance to shake the hand of a veteran and whenever we hear the stories of our Warriors we are reminded how truly blessed we are to be American and to live in this land of our great Heroes you have a great Heroes this Fourth of July let us pledge to renew the bonds of love and loyalty that unites Together As Americans let us pledge to and the blessings of liberty prosperity and justice to all of our citizens and let us always remember that we are one people and one nation saluting one grade American flag I want to thank you to everyone of these incredible athletes that are here today these are PGA players user unbelievably talented people The Talented in their mind and in their body the muscles are strong but their mind has be stronger it’s tough and he’s a tough people these are incredible people so I want to thank all of you for being here tonight sanana from me specially is a golfer it’s an honor from me Big Jim Justice stand up picture is about 6:10 anyways about I’m not going to say 4:50 I won’t do that to you too but he’s a big man and he’s done a great job you know that West Virginia is second in the nation in the percentage increase of GDP that number was not good pretty close to last right and combinations of a lot of good people with Shelly and you or us but now think of that Texas was first Texas doing a great job great Governor there too but Texas was first West Virginia with second percentage increase of GDP that’s an incredible accomplishment I want to thank everyone at The Greenbrier for making this tournament a beautiful tribute to our military and thanks again to all of the veterans here tonight at all across America we love you we thank you and we will never ever forget you God bless our veterans God Bless America and happy Independence Day to all thank you very much this is a great honour thank you thank you private listening to president Trump addressing this salute to service dinner in white four Springs West Virginia you’re the president speaking their West Virginia governor Jim Justice and if you remember that name you will call it was last year that Governor Justice a change his political affiliation from a Democrat to a republican he did that in a very public way at an event with President Trump We’re Miners were on the stage of push coal mining is a vital industry for West Virginia but this was the presidents third visit to West Virginia this year are the president attending the salute to service dinner there’s you see is part of a military tribute interesting Lee this event is taking place at The Greenbrier Greenbrier resort which is by West Virginia governor Jim Justice and we heard the president there what kind of number of things that we’ve heard the president talk about at other times during other events president talking about the need to respect of course the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency which some Democrats have called for abolishing you continue to monitor events they’re out of West Virginia for now though millions of Americans across the country are traveling Tuesday on route to Fourth of July celebrations with friends and family this year is such a break Independence Day travel records at AAA survey says nearly 40 million people will be at least 50 miles from home CBS News Transportation correspondent Chris Van Cleve has more I was hoping everyone last Monday and Sunday that’s why I left Tuesday AAA says it will be the busiest on the roads during the independence holiday traffic on 95 started building by mid-day nearly 40 million Americans are expected to hit the road for the long weekend as part of the busiest Fourth of July in the 18 years since AAA started keeping track 286 a gallon is the national average of about $0.63 from a year ago high enough Nadia Hashmi opted to stay home we would have been more open to driving somewhere but California where gas is over $4 a gallon and that’s not the only thing drivers need to worry about the Secret Service is on the hunt for credit card skimmers devices hitting on a credit card reader that can steal your number gas pumps in 21 states the airports are busy to last week the TSA screening more people than any other week ever and the airlines expect another pack Day on Sunday AAA says Autumn Woods driving this record Fourth of July travel is a strong economy and high consumer confidence basically people have discretionary income and they want to spend some of it on travel AAA is also saying expect a very busy Sunday on the roads Kris Van Cleave thank you the Trump Administration announced Tuesday its reversal of an obama-era affirmative action policy CBS News Chief legal correspondent John Crawford has the details dear colleague letter advising school officials the Trump Administration was withdrawing Obama administration guidelines that encouraged affirmative action in admissions it was widely expected at the justice department targets affirmative action in college admissions multiple fronts for Obama administration official Catherine Layman blasted the decision and we can expect that we will see reduction in the benefits of diversity that the Supreme Court has long recognized for all of us numerical goals but it’s refused to end affirmative action entirely and it said Rays can be considered as one of many factors to get a diverse student body Justice Anthony Kennedy was the key Swing Vote his retirement affirmative action and a case is brewing in the lower courts it always takes courage to speak up against Injustice send white and other minority students the justice department has agreed to help them challenged affirmative action policies at Harvard University Kelly back LeBlanc is a rising Junior and have that application for reduced to Identity and hold us to a higher standard in that regard is really demeaning Harvard University president Larry back out Olde Boston’s WBUR at the University does not discriminate and use as many factors in admissions an important component of that because we learn from our differences to the Supreme Court and it’s going to be a different court with a new Justice who won like Joseph Kennedy make has that Keith is boat with conservatives on affirmative action of the press is continuing to go through perspective nominees he talked to three more today but you can bet that affirmative action is going to be a major issue at these confirmation hearings Elaine Crawford thank you president Trump is doubling down on his call tornado members to spend what he says is their fair share on the fence the Call Comes about a week before the president is set to meet with key allies at the annual NATO Summit in Brussels Major Garrett reports from the White House Summit in Brussels president Trump sent a letter to the prime minister of Norway that made clear he will not relent on his criticism of NATO allies lagging defense budgets Norway at the president wrote Remains the only NATO Ally sharing a border with Russia lacks a credible plan to spend 2% of its gross domestic product on defense to other countries donations only three besides the United States the promise 2% of GDP on defense last year throughout his presidency did NATO Nations to spend more which many of them have not been doing many of them have not been even close they’re hoping next week some it goes better than last month’s G7 meeting in Canada that meeting was marked by tens exchanges between mr. Trump and other world leaders over trade if the expectation was that weekend and beautiful Charlevoix surrounded by all sorts of lovely people was going to transform the president’s outlook on trade in the world then we didn’t quite perhaps meet that far send a trade War has only ratcheted up Harley-Davidson announced they would move some us motorcycle production overseas to avoid European Terrace and Canada announced retaliatory tariff on more than 12 billion dollars worth of us CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett is at the White House to make sure the president’s frustration with NATO spending is not new but what’s different now proximity to his first scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Europeans almost universally are nervous about to trend lines of the Trump presidency one this movement that seems inexorable for the trade War lingering trade disputes are now becoming manifest in tariffs and counter-terrorist that’s one dispute and this long-running dispute over NATO member nations failing to meet their pledged to send a GDP expenditure on defense now the president is correct when he says many nations are lagging and they promised for many many years to live up to this none of that is factually incorrect European late leader and their parliament’s or political entities off encounter yes we’ve made that pledge but we have other political realities we have to deal with that you have to take into account president Trump president Trump says look I’ve expanded my physical capital to get defense spending in the United States you need to do the same so what’s different about NATO grievances long Express why Donald Trump as a candidate and as president is there now right alongside his trade disputes and what to be the beginnings of a trade war and all of that is a
President Trump is speaking at a dinner in West Virginia to honor the military ahead of the July 4 holiday.

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