Watch live: Annapolis authorities update on Capital Gazette shooting

TF I want to first start off by saying that we have D escalated to see as I mentioned before our tactical people are out of the building or investigative have entered the building and they have started their investigation as we already stated we have one person a white male in his late 30s and custody and our criminal investigation 2 investigators are interviewing him now he entered the building just was a targeted attack on the Capital Gazette that is located at 888 Bestgate Road on the first the entered the building with a shotgun and he looked for his victims as he walked in the lower-level we have secured the building we are in the process of notifying the next of kid we have 5 confirmed fatals and two injuries the injuries to my understanding or superficial possibly phone glass from the shotgun blast we are working on now securing his residence he does live in the state of Maryland we are in the process during that residents and preparing for search warrants so this is the next phase of this scene and that is the investigative phase this is the part that takes the most as I would assume any of you have already heard from any other police agencies in the state of Maryland across the country the investigative process is very difficult we must be thorough that’s why you were probation from social media from Austin left it’s been confirmed we have allowed our investigators to do their job they are there now and we are going to continue to provide you with information I want to share something with you before we mentioned before about the improvised explosive device that is not an I agree it was actually canisters I’ll smoke grenades that he used inside of the building when he entered the statue so this person was prepared today to come in this person was prepared to shoot people his intent was to cause harm and as I stated before the investigator part of this is going to be thorough and it’s going to take some time as you can see behind us we opened up Bestgate Road we thought that we may need to secure that road way for a long period of time and as we get further into the investigation we realized that we don’t lie that roadway but the building 888 Bestgate will be secured for some time I do not have a time frame on that yet we’re going to be inside there for quite a bit and until this investigation is complete when I have more information information I will share that can find information with you that’s what I’m here to go and look into that and make sure that’s correct find a man by the process of making recognition and identification that’s why I know I can’t share that with you the first time I’ve heard facial recognition are detectors are down there with them I have not interrupt them to ask him if he’d be what information as soon as we confirm I can tell you about right now is possible possibly through social media I have no other confirmation we’re still looking into that I cannot confirm whether or not our department has come in contact with him we will have that at a later time as well any family members in the mail that’s going to be part of the investigation I can’t confirm you whether or not he actually knew employees there or if he just targeted the business in general call shotgun was the shotgun don’t have that information I can’t confirm that they were shot on the first one I cannot it’s the first I heard facial recognition and the first that I’ve heard anything about fingerprints we have no verification on either we know that there were fresh sent to the Gazette through social media actually sent them I can’t answer that the broken windows on the 4th floor as I mentioned to you guys once before we have a two-phase approach right once tactical ones investigative those broken windows on the 4th floor probably and I will confirm but I’m almost positive they came from our tactical guys not in fact that’s a great question of fact we’re pulling all those as we speak we have property managers here we have everybody that’s associated with that building here’s the interesting part Governor Hogan QR County Executive as mentioned just numerous times and if you see this gentleman behind me from the Red Cross we have had so much support from around the state not only law enforcement but both private and public sector and this gentleman from the wreck call Tom and just asked what they can do and that’s important for us we have to take care of a lot of people to seem like this not only police officer that are victims are victims families and then we have to get everybody back to normal right that’s our job so that’s why we have these people here if they if they have I’m not aware of that personally but we are we will look into that because stretch and will get back to you on that information I’m sorry his fingerprints yeah I want to be really clear about this guy’s we have no information about facial recognition or anything about his fingerprints if I had that information I would give it to you but we don’t we don’t have that what I can share with you now they were General threats towards the capital the capital is a media Outlet but I will be more specific can you say that they weren’t violent threats they indicated violence we do not have any we have no knowledge at all that he was targeting anyone specific at the capital you guys have a conversation with that look I want to be clear about another point the Capital newspaper is our local newspaper we interact with the Capital newspaper daily public information officer we have friends at the Capital newspaper we speak with these men and women on a daily basis to get stories out that are important to the citizens of this County so we’re here where in Vail we’re going to get this investigation right now and we’re going to come back and we’re going to give you credible confirmed information to answer all your questions class 1 have two individuals at Anne Arundel and then we have one at shop term for the next weekend so we don’t anticipate having any further information until tomorrow morning with releasing the suspect’s name as you know there’s a lot of Investigation that’s going on right now so we don’t want to jeopardize any of that the chief said we interact with these reporters everyday your friends so well these are people that we knew you know personally in the police department so again I just want to reiterate that there are no unofficial police spokesman for the internal County Police Department all of the information that you guys will come for me most of you here no me know that it’s going to come out as soon as we get it as soon as I have information it will come out to everyone either social media or through one of these briefings so we don’t anticipate having any more information until tomorrow morn so I will put out tonight on social media when we can make a decision with investigators when a good time to have the next briefing to give the information out that you guys want and that you guys need and I will make that decision and I’ll put that information as soon as possible we’re speaking with numerous people inside that building we have 17 people to be evacuated out of that building many of them are witnesses so we have detectors that are interviewing essentially over a hundred people as well as the suspect there’s a lot of moving Parts here and you know our detectives are doing what they do best so they get to the bottom of it and find out exactly where there’s been a lot of witnesses that have been helpful with the investigation very swiftly and it’s been evacuated evacuated gas there’s a lot of buildings or lot of businesses inside their butt again this was quite obvious and quite apparent that this individual had some type of a vendetta against the Capital newspaper and they were specifically targeted I’ve been do we got to do so it’s going to take again it’s a lot of moving parts are primary job right now is to make sure that we process started from from the workers at the Capitol not injured so that’s something to see if they need any resources resources prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims anyone that’s associated with the building over there I’ll put out on social media when I’m next breaking will be in our next briefing on Winchester have the suspects information in more information for you cuz I know you guys needed hardest to get a good location I’ll make sure it goes out on all of our media platforms all the email that I sent out to communicate with you guys on a daily basis I’ll make sure you have it it’s important to get the information you guys quickly information as quick as we can city of Annapolis the in Rundle County Sheriff’s Department we’ve had so many resources here we really appreciate the help but certainly getting there quickly getting in that building quickly addressing the threat quickly certainly saved job from what we can tell so far you know the quicker that you can get into an active shooter situation like this and stop the threat the morlocks you safe so
Annapolis authorities hold a press conference following a shooting at the Capital Gazette that left five people dead and multiple injured.
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