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the House of Representatives the Republican house just voting to demand that the justice department do a better job producing documents that after a contentious house Judiciary Committee hearing will take you back there alive as soon as possible a confrontation between Republican and the deputy General principle but also the director of the FBI Rod Rosenstein locked in a public Feud with House Republicans over their demands that the government produce documents about the Russia investigation specifically about the counterintelligence investigation into the campaign Republicans say Rosenstein and the FBI and the justice department or hiding things Rosen Stein pushing back repeatedly at times angrily at that suggestion okay I’m not the person doing the redacted you’re the boss mr. Rosen Stein correct and my job is to make sure that we respond you’re concerned because I’m telling the truth and I’m going to put somebody else House Republicans also putting the special counsel investigation under the microscope the special counsel investigation of course is secretive Robert Mueller speaks in court documents not on TV the Republican the blanks and do it quickly we need to see the oven if you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign campaign present it to the damn game and if you have evidence that this President acted inappropriately presented to the American people there’s an old saying that Justice delayed is Justice denied any right now all of us are being denied whatever you got finish it the hell up cuz this country is being torn apart again that contentious Hearing in a break right now will get back to you up on Capitol Hill monitor the tempers flare we know that these Republican some of them I don’t trust mr. Rosen Stein and mr. Ray I take us inside the committee room again and what you’re hearing in the hallways that is intensifying by the John just moments ago as you mentioned the house passing this resolution by a party-line vote about of 226 of 183 compelling the justice department at the calling on the justice department I provide these give me about the Russia investigation about the Clinton investigation by July 6th now what does that mean practically a symbolic threat because it’s frozen sign does not provide the documents to the satisfaction of the Republican punitive steps to be taken by this house of potentially holding Rod Rosenstein contempt of congress maybe even going as far as trying to impeach Rod Rosenstein as of some conservative have called for this fight between the house Republican and Rod Rosenstein has just been intensifying as we sauce in this very very tense public hearing over the last several hours Republican saying not enough information has been provided okay to committees about the Russia investigation about the Clinton investigation Rosenstein backed up by FBI director Christopher Wray said they have been responding to the tune of hundreds of 880000 pages of documents is a hundred employees have been working around provide this information I and then provide responding to quote legitimate request from Congress this is just not been to the satisfaction of the Republicans on this committee and Democrats John saying this is all part of it the undercut the Mueller investigation GunBroker Rod Rosenstein and that’s why that they’re pushing back and giving Rod Rosenstein there’s some defense but seriously not buy roses are not selling any of this the Republican critics so far this morning John certainly not like it will be back in that area momentarily in the meantime let’s bring our crime and Justice report 11 Paris Avenue as you’re watching this play out of the Deputy attorney-general he tried to stay, he got a little angry at other points I his Integrity his credibility of being questioned by members of the interesting part about this his own political party that’s right John I mean look at this is a man Rod Rosenstein someone who I’ve known probably close to a decade and I’ve never seen him so fiery and so passionate really because he was come a personal attack again as you mentioned the fact is he is a trump appointee he’s a lifelong Republican Christopher Wray the FBI director is the same he’s a republican who served in the Bush Administration I knew him then when he was in the Criminal Division justice department and now he even made a joke saying that he didn’t know in the first 10 months of his being on this job that he be staring down the barrel of a contempt citation because that’s what did Republican members of Congress of these some of them are saying that needs to be done but look I think part of the issue here is that members of Congress have an expectation that they are so different than moving the goalposts right they have produced as monopoint point out 808 880000 pages of documents 100 staff working as hard as they can according to the justice department to produce these documents and every time they meet a certain requirement the documents that they’ve asked for the Republicans come back with some new request there is a new letter that just went out last few days and so there’s a moving the goalposts that the justice department is trying to figure out how to meet while at the same time protecting this ongoing investigation by Robert Mueller in the Russia investigation which is still ongoing that one Trey Gowdy and his really his Soliloquy that he went on there against hydrozincite it wasn’t much of an exchange but Goudy was railing about how long this investigation has been going on which is just over a year if you remember Trey Gowdy recite the Benghazi investigation which was for a couple of years what cost about 8 million dollars and if he also was saying that members of Congress in the Democratic side are frankly just assuming Trump is guilty of something and if you look at the you know that the coverage of Trey Gowdy during the Benghazi hearings that’s exactly what Republicans were accused of doing so it looks like partisan politics is a play and in some of these hearings today and I don’t try to apply consistency Arab and that’s not allowed especially in the last year in Washington state with us with me in the studio to show their reporting in their insides Jackie kucinich with The Daily Beast Michael share with the New York Times Bloomberg style Kapoor and Mary Katharine ham with the Federal Highway nobody to listen here again Rod Rosenstein tries to keep his cool during his remarks he essentially went out of his way and you have to read into this because he doesn’t say it directly these essentially saying I’m the deputy attorney general I have to follow the law I’m not a republican member of the House who can say what he or she wants on television I’ve devoted almost 30 years of work and we complete our investigation before we live drawing anybody are allegations made on the road that supported by credible evidence ignore the tyranny of a new cycle stick to the rule of law and make honest decisions that will always withstand fair and objective review his own understated way but that was Rod Rosenstein’s essentially telling House Republicans take a hike but they kept asking the questions they kept asking what they want is not answers what they want his coverage of them asking the questions because in in in large part you know this is part of this hearing as all these other hearing to Bennett part of not a kind of genuine search for answers but rather a kind of consistent and and and go effort to undermine the legitimacy of an investigation that they fear if it leads to to a place you could lead to a place of real political damage to the president a Big Show and you saw I think rosenstern getting really kind of upset finally in kind of breaking through a little bit of that anger at the show as opposed to the the fact that it’s not genuine by and for those who don’t remember it was the Attorney General because of his role in the trunk Jeff sessions recuse himself early on toe is Rod Rosenstein’s after the James Comey firing who appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel Rod Rosenstein’s says he has followed all the practices he has checked with the Epic people to justice department about whether he should recuse himself he says he’s following the rules here question here from one of the Republicans Ron DeSantis are running for governor of Florida to Century that the Deep State the Trump Justice Department’s trying to undermine the Trump presidency asking Rosenstein’s why you still here seems like you should be recused from this more so than Jeff sessions why haven’t you done that appropriate for me to recuse be more than happy to do so and let somebody else handle this a lot of this is theater and you know you heard on Rosenstein at one point say these are Trump appointees doing this trying to really Hammer home that this is not it cuz it cuz initially heard a lot of Obama’s say blah blah blah he made the point of of noting that these are a trump appointees who are making these decisions Congress several members of Congress do not care this is much more for the Flip Factory than the actual you know how the representatives but he didn’t think he would be here to really remind yourself that this is a republican officials that’s Republican getting closer and closer to an election where this is looming large they want to they want to find evidence they want these documents so they can look at them and find out in advance or narrative about this investigation being in the words of the president of Witch Hunt talked about this you know finish at the hell up I just a few prior investigations Whitewater lasted 7 years Watergate lasted 4 years around Contra 6 years this is just a year or a little over a year and I don’t think historically speaking this has gone on for particularly long time ago the hearing extensively is for the FBI director and the deputy attorney general to talk about the inspector General’s report on the Clinton email investigation where the Republican investigation went over for a short period of time on the Mueller investigation well I heard about these texts stop Trump. Trump Claire Trump is in the text again the FBI he says the FBI says it didn’t affect his work but it certainly affect his mood but they haven’t issue but they seem to be taking that into some much grander conspiracy theory essentially saying that the deputy attorney general appointed by Donald Trump now the New FBI director appointed by Donald Trump a part of this somehow nefarious justice department effort remind the Republican president who gave them their jobs and it’s absolutely essential that elected officials oversee appointed officials after citizens that being said it’s a congressional testimony in hearing which means it is inevitably ridiculous even though it is essential the dynamic you’re staying here with less with rose and sign them with a Coney or with with others who Testify the path is this idea that they are above having made mistakes and the law enforcement is full of just nothing but perfect actors who cannot be for what they’ve done wrong as of now this is the way to buy into that point the FBI director was asked about what disciplinary proceedings will take place and he said I’m not going to talk about that publicly because I’m not going to tank the proceedings which were going on it’s like the defense of to Trump appointees Rod Rosenstein Christopher Ray here by after Trey Gowdy made his Soliloquy well-put by Evan Paris about what’s up with the pace of the Mueller investigation listen here Democratic Congressman asking a question official is Rob is Bob Moore somebody who’s slow-walking or keeping me going to keep looking until I find something understands that I want him to conclude it as expeditiously as possible consistent with this response what did you do it right has anybody ever accused director Mueller special counsel Mueller accuse me of being delatorre lazy slow I certainly haven’t Sarah from my own Jason familiarity with director mall or is that none of those adjectives would describe too much of anything he’s done in his career for this country I think I’ve been Paris is still with us if you are Evan it’s impossible right to get director Mueller or special counsel Mueller how to respond to any of this he does his speaking only through court documents right that’s right you don’t hear very much except for no comment from the special counsel’s office and look I do think that the problem here was the peach truck problem do the FBI agent centers in the Pro Bowl text those things have done a good job here to undermine what Muller and what the FBI have been doing I think you cannot get away from from those facts and so the FBI and the justice department under an obligation to try to answer the questions from members of Congress but I do think that sometimes if you if you watch these hearings these are co-equal branches of government if you want to do a civics lesson it doesn’t mean that Congress has Superior Powers over the exact just means that they’re going to have to Duke it out and maybe Congress will never really be satisfied at so long as this investigation is still going on because I’m never there not really going to get all of the answers that they think that they’re entitled to while this investigation is still going on
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was grilled by lawmakers at a House Judiciary Committee hearing. Rosenstein was asked about access to Russia investigation documents and when special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will come to an end.

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