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what makes a carnivore smart 4 puzzle-solving tooth and Claw are just not that important and size is the key that’s how big the brain is in relation to the body researchers at the University of Wyoming used metal puzzle boxes to test 140 animals and 39 different species from 9 different families all carnivores they recorded animals zoos trying to get those boxes open to get at their favorite treat inside Bears did the best the family that includes raccoons and Cody Mundy’s came in second no real surprise what was the surprise was the poor performance of animals that live in complex social groups sometimes thought to promote intelligence sadly if you’re a fan of meerkat Manor the family that includes are cats and mongooses did the worst of course when I like a big cat those well that’s reason to cheer go Tigers
Researchers at the University of Wyoming tested the problem-solving abilities of carnivores like meerkats, bears, weasels and otters. So which animal group did the best and why? Find out in this 2016 episode of ScienceTake. Spoiler alert: it has to do with relative brain size.

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