WaPo: North Korea working on ways to conceal nuclear weapons

us intelligence officials are telling the Washington Post North Korea will not fully surrender its nuclear Arsenal that is planning to actually find some of those weapons we should tell you CNN cannot independently confirm that but those officials say they obtained evidence the June 12th Summit in Singapore showing the North Korea has facilities the US knows nothing about and it’s using them to make their cell material for nuclear weapons just this week president Trump continued tomorrow a great success Jerry Friedman who staff writer covering Global Affairs for the Atlantic good morning to Yuri good morning good to be with you so you’ve written about some of the mystery surrounding what did North Korea actually agreed to and that is the real question mark definitely the biggest thing that I want to focus on that think everyone should focus on in assessing whether to some it was a sister that was a success is the question of North Korea committing to work towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and if you think if North Korea really want to just give up its nuclear weapons why wouldn’t say that in plain English or Korean in the summit you know what they said is denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and that definition actually really matters because what they want is not just you know to give up their nuclear weapons in exchange for economic aid or even normal relation to the United States what they wanted the Voltron transformation of the relationship with the United States and what that could mean if they want the United States to stop at hostile policy towards North Korea also potentially a withdrawal of US forces from the Korean Peninsula potentially an end to the USF Korean Alliance and some right now we’re in this phase were trying to assess okay how serious is North Korea part of nuclear weapons and also what will demand in return and what we’ve seen in the data points from The Washington Post reporting also commercial satellite imagery that shows that kind of business as usual is continuing at its main nuclear reactor where they actually improving the infrastructure there is that North Korea may be talking to me it may be committing someone vaguely to denuclearization the future but they’re kind of preceding it was business as usual right now and even potentially continuing production is received from these reports of material that can be used for nuclear weapons we have not seen three actually rollback and program it certainly you know Donald Trump said after the summit that the North Korean nuclear threat is gone that certainly is not the case he’s been very conspicuously silent you know we have not heard him on Twitter say lying little rocket man has deceived me we have not heard him dismiss these reports as fake news so he has been quiet and will be and it’ll be very telling me to find out how he responds now I think one thing to keep in mind is that Donald Trump did something that was very interesting and deciding to meet with a North Korean leader who became the first American President to do self and when I talk to you know officials in the government and also other experts they say what he made me doing here it’s saying we’ve done 25 years in negotiations have not worked at all and we usually start at the lower level and moved up to the higher level I’m going to start at the very top and what he made me do anything I want to transform the political relationship with North Korea in rebuild trust that could eventually lead to Arms Control and then you could have Jason down the line so there may be a world in which president had a plows ahead because he feels okay yes they’re you know not committed to completely denuclearize right now they are still continuing some at work and yet we need to build a trust in order for them down the line to actually give up their nuclear weapons so I’m not still worried about you makes have enough to worry about the technical details of the moment I’m going to plow ahead with this political opening to North Korea because if we have better political relationship adversaries maybe they’d be willing to make more nuclear concessions does North Korea have and there’s a lot of speculation here it goes all over the map I mean I’ve heard from a couple of dozen too I believe it’s the Washington Post things 65 do you have any idea where that number really is well we don’t know for sure but I’ve heard it’s safe to say there are dozens and dozens of nuclear weapons I have heard in the sixties and that’s based on the fact that we have one big nuclear facility that we know about it that’s plutonium production and uranium production but they’re also a email from this reporting over the last week one and potentially to undisclosed facilities that do uranium-enrichment so I think it’s fair to say there are several dozen and what is interesting about the latest reporting is that while we in the United States and Russia intelligence officials think that it’s around 6065 what they seem to be picking up from their intelligence gathering izzet North Korea is planning to tell the United States that has far less than that and one things North Bay. Probably the hardest intelligent Target of all the one real challenge in doing any kind of deal with them is that say they say we have 30 nuclear weapons how do you know they don’t have 31 32 33 and I actually talked to some Korea you said you know the only thing we can verify is a halt to nuclear and missile test so we need to be very mad at then I’ll go with what we can actually get verifiable in a deal and it might not be that full denuclearization North Korea cuz we’ll never know that because you what you don’t know makes it more difficult to figure out what it is you want to know your agreement thank you very much we appreciate it this morning
US intelligence officials say that North Korea is not planning to fully surrender its nuclear arsenal and is planning to conceal some of those weapons, according to The Washington Post.

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