Vigil held for those killed in Capital Gazette shooting

humidity in morning tonight as Annapolis remembers the five slain journalist and staffers killed in a shooting at the Capital Gazette news room yesterday they Gabriel is live in Maryland tonight good evening Shannon and The Spence here in Annapolis this community is one of coming together three vigils held here across the city tonight when was a walking vigil down to the Annapolis Waterfront another just steps away from me at the end small square speaker ask the community to reach out and touch each other to connect even with strangers tonight I spoke with people that visual the first happened to be my own church leader Pastor Pat from my time living here in Annapolis I think maybe more shocked as come to our community that we sort of thought we were separated from Washington Baltimore this is a strikes and everybody’s part because we all know you don’t value the Baltimore Orioles also paying tribute to the victims tonight with a moment of silence earlier today a judge order the suspect thirty-eight-year-old Jared Ramos to remain in jail on five counts of first-degree murder without jail please say that he used a pump-action shotgun to blast through a glass entrance of the Capital Gazette building before killing for journalist and a sales assistant remote had a long-standing dispute with a Capital Gazette this report from 2013 for the paper chose not to pursue charges saying it would have been quote putting a stick and a beehive among the victims was features reporter sixty-five-year-old Wendy Witten Winter’s listen to what her daughter are with reporters today about her mom Doom and Gloom the paper showed its commitment to keep telling those stories including reporting on its own tragedy today A co-worker of the victor tweeting a message of resilient with a picture of today’s front-page saying quote this is way late but we did the damn thing and we’re doing it tomorrow and Sunday my Sears condolences sincerest condolences to the families of my friends and call the owner of the Capital Gazette announcing a fundraiser to support the victims their families as well as the survivors and another Foundation is also announced that they will match those donations up to a million dollars Shannon Gabriel for us tonight topless thank you
A community gathers together to mourn the loss of five people gunned down in Thursday’s newsroom shooting. Lea Gabrielle reports.

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