Victim’s brother: He was killed doing what he loved

today we mourn the loss of the five journalist killed in the shooting at the Capital Gazette Annapolis Maryland from high as soon as an assistant managing editor the capital of his co-workers and Friends praising them call highs in a long time, South Miami Herald and Ross brother Carl our deepest condolences I say for your loss you were to go to Facebook post about it and said you were devastated and heartsick but I think a lot of people can understand what do you people to know about your brother this morning so much but we’ve heard just painted picture of a beautiful man all of us together and kept us together when when times were tough but most of all I think what he would want me to talk about is is journalism in the importance of community journalism he was killed while he was doing what he loves to do which is newspaper for the people of Annapolis see you’ve been a journalist in Palm Beach and Baltimore and going to work in Annapolis and those painting that was reported the other editors and what he would want me to say is everything that they do is for the readers put put news and facts in the hands of their readers and and sitting at your desk one day trying to put a newspaper out for the folks for waiting for that newspaper and this sort of atrocity happens but Hometown journalism I was a journalist for many years and partly because Rob’s influence probably more than my own and then University Maryland during the younger reporters at the you know what I mean and also for journalist who are under assault daily from The Lunatic Fringe of the social media you don’t want the real facts get in the hands of the people who need them and so this is you know Rob never thought of it as the Rolex you thought of it as a as a civic duty as it is as a responsibility again in a functioning he was just this big generous gentle guide and gifted such a gifted writer and editor and says those who work with him will tell you or perhaps we’ve heard a lot of mention made of him being Big Rob because he was tall but it was much about much more than his height that his heart was big is Spirit was generous and you touched on that a little bit but even said in your post he was big but because he was tall but it was remarkable heart and humor that made him larger than all of us that’s such an important gift to give to those not only in your family but those around you and I imagine it’s something that’s really sustaining your sister-in-law and had his children as well just recently celebrated this 37th anniversary and his children of course he was he was just one of those up and not just because of his side because of a warrant that he brought to every room in every situation and and Missus missile probably never heal for all of us as we watched country and every you know that list is tragedy will eventually fall out of the headlines and and few weeks from now we’ll be replaced by another one with with victims and families grieving what does hours is this some insane cycle of violence we are now in the middle of and it’s it’s a Grimley predictable this time our own family it was you know when after writing you know I’ve been in the newspaper business for over 40 years Rob was in a long time we’ve written about this sort of thing very very often and and now it’s touching so desperately close to home are both being attacked two of you ever discussed your concerns for your profession for the computer like a storefront operation it’s your hometown paper you have a little bit different relationship with a smaller town and you do if you working for you know obviously the Washington Post New York Times The Wall Street Journal you have a you are a bigger physics Target new have different layers of security that most small papers don’t have any can’t afford and so it was nothing he and I had ever discussed we talked about the rhetoric and hatred we also remind ourselves in it in our whole lifetime 10 careers working journalists have never been at the top of the the popularity list you’re doing your job as a journalist you’re usually pissing somebody off because you’re putting up you’re getting on information that some people don’t want to be revealed you know this is the alleged shooter years and years and horsey or prepare yourself for that kind of Madness kind of eruptions I’m sure Rob was aware that this guy tweeting and you know it had had this describe but you know you can’t just let it Ripple you you know every day going in to work with a sense of being haunted by it I mean you going to put out a newspaper that’s your job and that’s what the Capital Gazette staff did yesterday despite this this is this horrible horrible tragedy he would have been so so proud of your favorite memory you have your brother something that just without fail you think about that moment it brings a smile to your face but it’s something that well I remember he was he was a big guy and when we were 6 years older than Robb and I was come home from school with some college and our father and died fairly young and so Roberts unwittingly and sort of the man of the house for a while take him on when your wrestling you and then I remember coming home from college one day and I think you just turned 15 or 16 maybe whatever was and he he wasn’t literally pick me up over his head and was his way of saying that those days are over here he was enormously strong but it was just I would I remember laughing like house just come in the house with her look down the top of her head but I remember I remember him being that strong and also that Jen you know I don’t think you ever heard a fly Buzz life Dental generous and still giving two so many this morning Carl we so appreciate you taking the time I know it is tough for you and your family. We send our thoughts our sincere condolences to you thank you please pray for his for his kids and his wife Maria as well and this is just the nightmare of nightmare
Carl Hiaasen, author and brother of Capital Gazette shooting victim Rob Hiaasen, says that his brother was proud of the work he had done with his coworkers at the newspaper.

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