Veteran who contemplated suicide, now a Warrior Games winner

Navy diver Chief Julius McManus a 21-year needed veteran over the course of my service I’ve stayed three different injuries the first of which would be PTSD from serving in combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan stay in touch Matic brain injury from Collette tours in Iraq and then also a teller tendon issue from a stingray in 2010 recovering from injuries sustained what’s 3 / lot of physical training more difficult or challenging it’s that there’s a stigma that comes with them the things that he does for my Mobility assistance what he does for my PTSD as far as providing a cover he’s always got my back if I go to a restaurant he’s watching the door so I don’t have to if I go to a grocery store Tulane so that I can check out safely here by those spatial boundary so I can I’m not as anxious with other people and I can have it safe interaction to be able to go to the register this program is amazing without it I was deeply depressed I wasn’t some Dark Places and I was looking at avenues to to end my own life without being able to cause harm to my family this is the one place we all feel normal nobody’s judging you for your injuries I know that you have it you’re more judged on your character it’s it’s a it’s a family filled this program gave me a lot of trouble if it showed me that I am worth I’m not alone seek assistance these programs are out there they’re amazing and they’re saving lives
Chief Navy Diver Julius McManus has served his country for more than 21 years. His story of resilience is amazing.

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