Venue cancels pro-Trump candidate’s fundraiser

Wilkins continues another instance of discrimination surfaces supporters who’s running for the 11th congressional district in Michigan she was scheduled to hold her fundraiser this week Club the Franklin Hills Country Club at the venue suddenly cancel her event on Friday sighting her political beliefs and saying they will no longer hold political events at scenes that is vying for the same seat they just wouldn’t let her the Republican do it to tell us the story is Congressional good morning fundraiser planned Franklin Hills for 2 months at least I’m a fourth generation member Franklin Hills the country club has a very rich history of Hosting Democrats and Republicans for fundraisers they hosted a fundraiser just about have to go for a Democrat opponent in the same race I was called on Friday of last week and told that the board of directors was canceling the Lena for congress fundraiser because of my political beliefs I was President Trump Statewide coach are in 20 and I went to the mat for him and I continue to be an avid Trump supporter and somebody who will work with him in Congress beginning in January 2019 they called off our vent because of my support for the president well I can understand if they don’t want to do it have political things there especially the direction of politics now but they should maybe grandfather in the rule they let your opponent of Democratic Club what the Republican and you’re a member there they should at least be loyal to you grandfather in the new rule and don’t allow it going forward but not cancel your event and then I was appalled when I when I read that the former president of the country club his son posted this on Facebook right now has government building concentration camps at our borders and separating children from their parents Alina isn’t merely silent in the face of the tar she is running on how strongly she agrees with Trump she’s a neo-fascist who is Thrive politically by building a coalition of vicious anti-semites race and xenophobes what was your response when you read that while it’s very painful to to experience any type of cyberbullying I think it speaks to the the vitriol and they hate that’s being spewed from the liberal I think that this is not just about a discrimination political discrimination for one fundraiser at one country club I think what we’re seeing right now across the country is a lack of tolerance for Trump supporters and I would encourage all liberal Democrats to elevate the conversation I say this every day that I don’t expect others to agree with me and my political views but I do expect that we expect us to treat each other with dignity Iowa candidate for the United States Congress in Michigan’s 11th District and I am determined to bring Grace and dignity back to the political discourse in this country are they going to let you stay at the country club now I love being a member at Franklin Hills eye my daughter swims in the pool there by husband Gulfs are we have a very rich history is a second home to me I intend to be there this weekend and most of all I think that the what it what were seeing with Sanders and Pam Bondi and now Lena Epstein who is president Trump Statewide coach Aaron is definitely the Trump candidate in this Michigan’s 11th congressional district race I’m seeing I’m very concerned about the direction of the country and I calling on the liberal-left to elevate the conversation I want us to treat each other with dignity and respect even where we disagree politically and and I am asking all people to be supporters even where you disagree politically I love the club I’m looking forward to being a member there for many years he kind of beef pear thank you so much we wish you all the best Selena thanks for coming over Franklin Hills for a statement and we didn’t receive a response so far the club has not responded to any media
Michigan congressional candidate Lena Epstein says Franklin Hills Country Club called off her event because of her support of the president.

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