Van Jones asks group what it’s like to be Muslim in the US

Trump Supreme Court travel ban when was especially painful for a lot of Muslims in America that look the final version may have been watered down but I’m old enough to remember back when Donald Trump was going for a complete and total shutdown of all Muslims entering the US and hate crimes against Muslims in the United States Baxley spikes a great deal since his election according to the FBI in 2016 so I got back in my van I travel to Paterson New Jersey I want to hear directly from the people who live there how they doing with all this stuff and I want you to hear directly from them take a look Jersey here we come we are driving through Paterson New Jersey it is the second largest population of Muslims in the United States but man what does it mean to be a Muslim in Trump’s America a guy just saw me and he was like always like I can’t believe you’re covered like this and he’s like oh that’s what you want that’s why Trump should I should be guys all back out it’s like hit me back we’re like you know I’ve been crazy around the u.s. citizen just like you I just want you green light for people to act that way because he makes it seem like it’s okay how do you think he’s putting people in groups when you trying to label people all with one single Russian to say that this is every old Mexicans are rapists not MS-13 almost things are bad not a few I think this is this is a problem that’s something just simply unacceptable in this country being the only Muslim in the entire School District okay I’ve been beaten up I’ve been screened that I’ve gotten every single epithet in the book a Muslim I would you support to my life Donald Trump we seem to be pretty tough my mother for the past and then a whole bunch of Firepower levied on top of if you look at what we’ve had to deal with post 9/11 I think this is really phenomenal post 911 regardless of whether was a Republican or a Democrat Administration we’ve been demonized demonized Donald Trump’s demonizer but I think you know that the demonization comes from the media I mean think about this on a daily basis all you see is Terrorism you never see the good things that Muslims you’re doing in this country outside of the big sick one movie that portrays Muslims in in some sort of favorable light Donald Trump did not know that the values of this country should not permit him to say what he needs like what he was saying wasn’t the the type of leader that you’re accustomed to I’m not against all Muslims is not about Islam Islam hates us have to bother you doesn’t it irritating but you know it’s it’s the same problem that we’ve had for a period of time coming normal normal the question is is there is there an impact of the rhetoric. Trump started it when he started his campaign the answer is absolutely yes and we cannot deny that we’re trying to tell Donald Trump that you need to be president for all Americans including Muslims we want to ban Muslims from all these different countries from coming in your video assuming that all these countries has terrorists and all these Muslims coming from their arthritis and that’s not too bad we’re all immigrants and Donald Trump’s family my father was sponsored here by a steel company in the 60s and that’s how you know a lot of Muslims came to America they were engineers there doctors that sort of thing a lot of Muslims came here to United States are Engineers they did a good job allow those people with the Muslim ban were not even allowed to come to the country they were like Lily in hair population and it was roughly about eight countries where they didn’t have paperwork whenever a white guy shoots up anything they talk about mental health issues so black guy shoots up shoot somebody must be some kind of Thug from somebody’s automatically Church how does that land with you guys and how do you think about that when you see this horrible but it’s reality 11 years old to get up in the middle of class and tell her she ask him to speak to everyone about Isis and the mother came to us in the center and she was crying she was crying that her son had spokesperson for Isis and it just tells you the kind of rally that the most living it right now thought process here and thought process is that okay if you know about your religion you’ll be able to say something against this type of a thing when in all reality I mean there’s very few people that are well-equipped to sit there and it take apart ices Define us as American Muslims to basically tell people who we are so that they’re not afraid of us so you’re young and you’re covered why not just take it off I mean because all kind of problems and and you know maybe your life would be a little bit easier if you just wore baseball cap and I’m very proud of it it’s part of me I feel like it’s who it makes me who I am so for me to just take it off I feel naked literally as people say oh you’re so depressed and you’re covered and all that stuff no it’s not supposed to wear it and with the values that this country was built on I think this value has the best protection for us and has the tolerance that we were looking forward to accept inside were looking forward to Celebration of diversity and we looking for and only if we’re reminded with these valleys are we going to be able to one another Harmony
CNN’s Van Jones talks with a group of Muslim Americans to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Donald Trump’s so-called “travel ban” — arguing that the chief executive has the power to limit entrance into the US from seven countries.

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