Uvangalu #MeToo : Sexual assault in Quebec’s far North – Enquête

it’s a beautiful Village nestled in the mountains near the Hudson strait salluit is the second most remote Village in Northern Quebec accessible only by plane is home to nearly 70 100 people late October 2013 winter has already settled a pickup truck is slowly winding its way along the road to the airport inside too young anyway girls aged 15 and 16 the driver is 27 year old white man to pick up leaves the airport road and head toward the village dump night is falling follow it suddenly seems far away the truck drives through the letter then comes to a stop the silence is deafening Kathy poppinga took wanted to share in her words what happened that night she’s agreed that we tell you her name and hear her voice but she at that we blur her face I’ve been really remember it but I remember being half-naked and is in the backseat helpless I was trying to move her out but I cool so I just cry I went to nursing first to hospital then after 10 I want to go to station police station I think his name is Daniel there is happy and there are many others Inuit women abused by white men who have come north to work women who have the courage and every reason in the world to speak one powerful word Cathy poppy guitar for successful room where her three-month-old baby sleeps are really having your own room is a love true refuge for life is she no longer drinks or smokes marijuana important to talk to us because you decide to talk publicly it’s better to talk out talk it out to release the fullness of the anger that inside it’s like living in the past again so it’s better to talk in 2013 is 15 years old she’s walking the streets of celibate with her sister Kailyn had a bit too much to drink a construction worker stops and invite them into his truck to go for a ride at the first time that we saw him and then started to talk. What’s want to have her friends but it was turn out to be monster I got rip in the car things to do it’s in her language and if the Cathy recounts what happened that night I know what the color pushes them out of the truck a few days later Kathy files a complaint at the celibate police station years later in 2017 she would come face-to-face with her abuser in court a difficult decisive moment I was kind of hiding because I was nervous that when he saw my face he he wasn’t happy to see me and I mean we were both than happy to see each other and I was hiding near to my mother pleaded guilty to a count of sexual assault on a minor in his version of events Kathy told him she was 20 years old he also says she was the one who came on to him and that there was no penetration in August 2017 bilodeau is sentenced to 240 days in prison according to the prosecutor the sentence is appropriate indigenous women he knows the issues well to him the prosecutor’s comments are troubling I did that in light of the prosecutors statement providing judge Jean Piaget’s Elevate expresses a certain unease leader the judge clarifies his statement Lexus going to and will remain there for 10 years supposed to be in a rehabilitation center but when we went there employees hadn’t seen him for 2 days we inquired into his current whereabouts but we’re told that information is confidential commercial construction they weren’t aware of the former employees conducted they refused our request for an interview the company states that employees must follow clear guidelines will working in Nunavik and then alcohol consumption is prohibited after the incident Kathy sister left celibate Kailyn now lives in Montreal where she’s looking for work concrete subway tunnels I replaced the wide-open spaces of the North Montreal right now why do you want to help people I don’t know where to start sexual assault rates in Nunavik are alarming according to 2017 statistics provided by kathak Regional Police 220k is involve minors and 226 involve adults for population of just over 12,000 1 in 3 women experience sexual assault as a child these are only the reported into most are not the majority of abusers are Inuit past trauma alcohol and drug abuse as well as overcrowded Holmes all contribute to this sad reality you’re the chief of police he supervises security for the 14 villages in the rain one-third of Quebec territory is 3-year mandate has just come to an end the veteran police chief came out of retirement to lend a hand in the north according to him certain workers who come to Nunavut explain the vulnerable stop. Bournemouth usually boxing UT but they profess in my competition God who the dog Saturday to push t Elsa memory only three villages allow the open sale of alcohol in the other 11 you need a permit to import it still alcohol is everywhere in 2016 he still remembers one of his first calls to a construction Camp a man in his forties had lured a 14 year old girl into his room what’s up filed a complaint Jane Clements works in the bar at the kuujjuaq in near the Ungava Coast at the very end for the summer for temporary and they think they couldn’t just take home girl Ninja system onto the streets after doing whatever they had to do and I’ve seen that many times when I was single they used to try to take advantage try to ask me to follow them home after the bar Jenny poppy took is originally from celibate today she lives in the Laurentian with her three children this accomplished artist was once a young teenager hanging around construction workers Jenny prefers not to face our camera it’s too difficult she still feels the same I don’t mine if I’m going to get charged or if I’m going to be look down I did this to protect our children are our young girls and to prevent the same thing that happened to Vinny of us every summer she would wait for the arrival of the workers we would know when they’re coming because to every season and there’s not really many men that are not your family in North so these men would come and they would bring alcohol and then we stayed and we would like wow wow he choose me do they pick you up sometimes they don’t even wait to go to the trailer at 15 she thought she was consenting it took her a long time to realize the damage that have been done by now if girls can know that is not right they should press charge they should let people know that those people are doing that warmer days Mark the opening a construction season in Nunavik the sound of hammers resonates in most of the 14 Villages repairs Renovations the construction of new housing in needs are many the arrival of the cargo ship the start of all the activity rock and roll. holding the issues permits to construction companies last July for companies and their subcontractors share the work over 100 workers flew into town we’re told all of them that follow a code-of-conduct nothing like it was 20 years ago today companies like mackovic construction has very strict rules so did the other major companies working in Nunavik have Painful Thang Lavon something Adams Construction only wsp Santa’s its guidelines for holding if a company Breaks the Rules it’s permit is withdrawn that’s what happened to EDC North Define plant you refuse to answer questions regarding the behavior of some of his employees the company went bankrupt in 2017 three years ago another company genovar construction was old drawing unwanted attention in Nunavik in the small village aquatic some of its workers had trashed the construction Camp during a drunken party we reached at Amicalola and Bertha Adams in quack pack owners of the camp rented by Jennifer Construction girls the police were called in we spoke to genovar construction they confirm the incident they say disciplinary measures were taken with some employees and there’s were fired they claim there were no minors on the Promises all the women we spoke to had something to say about workers who come north Ava Abraham had living in celibate for 26 years I see that every year like even young woman young teenagers they get there misled like misled concerning alcohol I wear my girls not to be around construction man I don’t want them to get hurt as was her oldest daughter my oldest daughter got invited last year and I don’t know if she had sex with soseman but a couple days later found out that she was at the construction can after she was there she was drunk the whole summer I didn’t see her much last year old is she 28th is mayor of celibate he’s conscious of the damage that certain workers do in his community and he’d like to put a stop to it so we know anyone who moved hope that they are going to do good be a good to hear and you could just concentrate on their work not on people of Salvador communities for little girls Zoo kids Verna took is the third largest Village in Nunavik Alex and 50 is 30 years old and works at the grocery store he often invites vert young co-workers home with him his wife is there but she goes to bed early once alone Petit give his youngest alcohol in exchange for sexual favors his victims were 14 and 15 at the time abuse went on for 6 months the two teenage girls file the complaint the tea was charged with sexual assault and sexual contact onto minors he faced a possible 14-year sentence in June 2017 charges of sexual assault were dropped petite pleaded guilty in Gatineau to the reduced charges of sexual contact and assault with a weapon solar system Adam days in jail to be served on weekends today he is free but just like Cathy’s abuser his name is now on the sex offenders registry for a. Of 10 years I said look it up he was arrested van jodo 34 was charged with sexual assault on two women aged 17 and 18 years old he didn’t show up in court and fled Nunavik an arrest warrant was issued against him in August 2017 5 months later in January he was arrested by Montreal police he was again released at a hearing after putting up $200 bail to trial is scheduled for July he was put under house arrest in Montreal but when we visited his apartment there was no one living there we have since learned that Benjo dope was arrested in Montreal on February 24th and faces new charges of sexual assault minor and kidnapping another arrest warrant was issued for a 60 year old man who also flood Nunavik is charged with sexual assault on a minor and illegal confinement the man work for the kadovic school board and preventive where he did maintenance work police in lawn guy on Montreal South Shore arrested him on February 26th he’s been on the run for 10 kisses for these digital 6 you and it’s a swirly to receive kisses 24 name that gun cuz that’s why they put in. supposed to be done now it’s getting Chilly Willy what kind of sounds does an lb7 Mad Dog eczema could Nunavik be a playground for deviance in December 2017 the special task force targeting the sexual exploitation of Children online arrested twenty-nine-year-old Pedra Greenwich in Sherbrooke pictures of possession and distribution of child pronography work for time at the celibate youth rehabilitation center police appeal to the public in the hope of gathering more information on him without success western town these I need me Sando only dollar the 21st century be on that would lead to what dolphin don’t PC DePaul dịch vụ sick new Vic police chief Michelle nothing confirmed that there are currently police officers under investigation the plane is every year something for disability compactor Middlesex real the reality of young girls and women in Nunavik is radically different from life in the south Jenny puxley an avid Caribou Hunter completed her studies in the South and now works with you in the north the same Province but it’s like we live in another country once you go on that plane you arrive here like a different country and we don’t get the same resources as you guys do girls are less respect you can demand for respect but there are a lot of girls who do not get respect when not treated respect and some girls who don’t even know what they’re playing with her grandson is any allahku as an elder she helped carry the weight of the village of salad on her shoulders born in an igloo and Impala she completed a degree in education and social work at McGill University in the 1990s she was principle in the Village School when she learned that 11 little girls had been sexually molested stood by the school bus driver and when she confronted him he simply replied that it was part of Inuit culture that so what you up to Omega fellowship and encourages victims to report sexual it’s a constant battle my nickname is I did that she was abused by a white man despite all the years gone by the pain is still intense how you making it feel like if I don’t my friend boyfriend Hudson’s Bay Company so she asked me to go visit with her another man what happens after death twerking agent with the catalytic Regional Police horse is also a pillar for women in Nunavik it’s dangerous to be a girl here do you agree with that yes especially if I like some people that are not from the community or people here that we are drunks we are drug addicts with neglect Sweetie Pie’s children alone at home a lot of people know that by now so I think some people who come up feel free and think that nobody will ever hear about what they like they’re small communities we could happen very easily I know you’re so going hydro-man used to roam the streets looking for women and some have to be it’s because of their activities Lizzie Lupa is one of the women responsible for the Good Touch Bad Touch program which teaches children to denounce inappropriate behavior the more I talked about it the more I start to realize we have to choose to we stay quiet like we have always been or do we start talking about it and get people to start talking about because here up here sexual abuses the biggest cause of suicide I really believe that along with the team members that I work with to speak out publicly remains difficult and it’s not always encourage in Nunavik we met one of the young leaders she wanted to encourage to denounce the behavior of certain workers her employer ordered her to keep quiet or possibly lose her job still she sent us this message please at the hands of certain construction worker the Catholic School Board refused to Grant her permission to speak and no one from the board would accept our interview request every summer young teenage girl come spend a few weeks in this camp on the other side of the inlet hear Elders from the village share with them certain values and traditions I know what you’re bored there is a way out release but it’s not always available for everyone and I was very fortunate enough to have that’s my friend she was a nurse in in Sunday’s she start to make me realize it’s not right even through all the hardships that we have we were resilient or strong we fight no matter what even though we are treated like dogs sometimes we still come out strong or you called to be anemic woman
Each spring, hundreds of seasonal workers head to Quebec’s far North. They go to work, make money, but some head to the northern villages of Nunavik with bad intentions.

They know that in exchange for alcohol they will be able to obtain sexual favours with young Inuit girls and women. Some go as far as sexual assault. Sometimes, with impunity.

Producer : Jo-Ann Demers
Journalist : Josée Dupuis
Editor : Charles Bergeron
Research : Chantal Cauchy
Cameramen : Éric Carbonneau, Denis Christopherson, Jean-Pierre Gandin, Bruno Giguère, Alfonse Mondello, André Perron
Sound: Diane Gaudreau, Charles Antoine Lemay, Martin R. Thibault, François Warnet

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