US President Donald Trump arrives in the UK – BBC News

there is now they said yes we can see with his wife Melania down the steps that have been brought to Air Force One just north of where I am at regions Park Sunset Airport here just a very short flight by Marine One helicopter and as you were mentioning Gary amongst the party the official president Trump and Melania Trump that is the u.s. ambassador Woody Johnson businessman who will be hosting the presidents and first lady at his official Residence Inn Regent’s Park for the next few hours and then date tonight and also among the policy waiting to greet him that’s why I represent that’s right each county has a an official representative known as the Lord Lieutenant after he was speaking to before lymphocytosis Dimension cabinet ministers been sent out the president Chief Operating Officer Stansted Airport who is the president well I think that tells you a lot about the priority that the government places on this visit now sure that will not be a trade deal between the US nowhere near it so what will be very important got some more was out of the president’s mouth on UK soil about a future trading relationship with the US so those things will be very important stop. Present about to get on Marine one for that Chinese Central London resignation date that I signed designation they get when the president is a bull please avoid it it’s cold at Marine One unable let’s talk pretty shortly huge Roar that engine to the sound will fill the sounds off of that roaches from this distance away no make that very short expecting to hear the sounds of those helicopters above where I am very shortly it’s just a very short Journey isn’t that yesterday is the flying time to post Landing times a top secret so we won’t get any specific detail but it is a very short distances I say Countryside of London down to where you are I replace is like primrose in North London coming down in and I think we have a problem with the sound call Maggie instead airport but will pick up continuing to look at these images from the airport north of the central London location here in Regent’s Park where president Trump will be arriving eminently and of course America First is President Trump’s key phrases alright with me from that check and has had was the USS America program and the Dolphin Mall Shanahan experts in international relations in American politics of the University of reading images with me and with you of yours in terms of Trump’s America First policy images like the images he hopes people back home in the United States will see how important are these was going to just to him the Optics of a visit like this sign break it really really matters for the Orion Space in Middle America in the heartland of the United States who probably exposed to point B International visitors as we would be over here in the UK now for Trump to be seen to have the hands of the year and the listening from world leaders is Blackwell just take off Marine One preparing to leave Stansted Airport on its way to Winfield House theme residence the official residence of the u.s. ambassador to the UK Harris Barber Hudson Souls the US government for the stake me some of $1 and the first used as a US ambassador’s residence back in 1955 president Trump speaking in Brussels earlier about how everything American bills is besser America’s defense industry and Itachi would argue that the Marine One helicopter evidence of glass that certainly make a robin impressive sight to say taxi long and prepare to take off at Stansted Airport the US ambassador has said that to president Trump is well aware of the protest they’re going to be waiting here in the UK for him whether of course the president chooses to watch images those we simply don’t know so the presidents on his way 3 close to the location where I’m standing with my desk Leslie and Mark are we should hear those trouble blades very soon I saying
Donald Trump, arriving an hour or so later than expected, steps on to UK soil for the first time since becoming US president in 2016.

The president, looking in sombre mood, waves briefly to press, photographers and gathered dignitaries as he descends the steps, holding his wife Melania’s hand.

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