US officials open new military headquarters in South Korea – Daily Mail

and thank you most sincerely for creating this expanded basic Camp Humphreys believed to be the largest overseas US base in the world and this headquarters building within the headquarters complex represents significant investment in the long-term presents of US forces in Korea ladies and gentlemen this project that cost nearly 10.8 billion US dollars to build over 10 years and the Republic of Korea investment was over 94 nine zero percent of the costs and 4th at 9 0% the United States remains with you 100% it was possible awarded the Medal of Honor for his work actions battle pork chop Hill on June 4th 1953 near the village of Soco gay ladies and Gentlemen The Cutting of the ribbon signifies the grand opening of the headquarters and relocation of United Nations command United States forces Korea from United States Army Garrison yongsan United States Army Justin Humphries
The command’s move to Camp Humphreys, about 45 miles south of Seoul, comes amid a fledgling detente on the Korean Peninsula, though the relocation was planned long before that. Most troops have already transferred to the new location, and the US says the remaining ones will move by the end of this year. The US military had been headquartered in Seoul’s central Yongsan neighborhood (inset) since American troops first arrived at the end of World War II. Pictured main: The opening ceremony for the new base.

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