Unclear If Donald Trump Admin. Is Capable Of Reuniting Migrant Families | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

as we mentioned first lady Melania Trump was back at our Southern border today this time without the clothing controversy that marred her last trip and this time she visited two different locations in Arizona she did for her support at mygrant facilities in both Tucson and Phoenix the country if you wanted to come here and feed your fertility and meet the children and I want to thank all of you for what you do and I’m here to support you and let me know what I can do to help you meanwhile the fight over her husband’s family separation policy rages on demonstrations were held today in Arizona Texas Wisconsin Washington DC to condemn the trumpet ministration so called Zero Tolerance policy inside the huge Hart Senate Office Building in Washington almost six hundred protesters were arrested some of them wrapped themselves in those silver Runners blankets that we’ve seen used for the children at the border those arrested Pluto the Democratic member of the House from Washington State and the actress Susan Sarandon the protests are continuing as the controversy has actually worsened and HHS official today said the total number of Migrant kids in custody as I play up from last week that’s despite a federal court order late Tuesday that requires migrant families be reunited with in 14 to 30 days depending on age well with us from El Paso County Texas tonight is our own cow Perry Colin told were fighting a bit of a satellite delay but my first question for you is this is the federal government any better equipped tonight then when you first got out there too for example reunite toddler ate who happens to being a Michigan shelter with family a who may be in McAllen Texas I think they’re probably they may be back in Guatemala the only thing is there’s a paperwork issue sneaking up on everybody in the US government loves it’s paperwork and they loved it in duplicate and if your born in a real Hospital in Guatemala and your mother presents that birth certificate here two officials while you’re trying to get to your child in some kind of tensity it’s quite likely they’re going to reject that paperwork they’re not going to accept that birth certificate so I think the US government is actually worse off than they were when this policy was implemented they were unprepared how to handle the child separation if they were even more unprepared to handle the situation when we started moving around those tender age children that’s when we saw the creation of these 10 cities and these beds and the discussion about perhaps moving so it’s on the military bases so now I don’t think there any better off than they were a week ago Brian and Cal what personal reporting do you have on the stories we’ve seen emerge that the the zero they taking something off of the absolute zero pilot 0 tolerance policy at the border that it’s not being enforced as much or as effectively write so what we’re seeing here is a continuation of the pictures of overwhelming the courts really when you go into these court and you see people come in and groups and you see them please and groups and then you see them leave leave you realize that the system wasn’t right before but it’s it’s worse now and while they may not be separating families really awful anecdotal stories about ice agents going basically doing duck duck goose down a line where they’re pulling kids away from their parents and and putting them in these 10 facilities and while that may not be happening anymore we don’t know what the federal government is doing when they’re still separating his kids when they say that the parents is a danger to the child because they’re doing it without showing us they’re moving these kids around at night they’re keeping them in facilities that we don’t have access to and when you start down that road when you start putting kids in bed and sending down the road at 3 in the morning trying to hide them from the media everything else becomes nefarious So when you say to me that the number is actually risen which we know that it has I don’t know if the government is making a good-faith effort to try and stop separating families or if they’re just finding a loom hole in the wall that says if the parent is a danger to the child they cancel separate out the tile Brian we have sure appreciated your reporting from out there Calipari we really appreciate you joining us from El Paso County Texas see on YouTube what you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Cal Perry joins from near the Texas-Mexico border to lay out the challenges facing the Trump administration reuniting migrant families who were separated under Trump’s zero tolerance policy.
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Unclear If Donald Trump Admin. Is Capable Of Reuniting Migrant Families | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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