U.S. Election Security Suffers For Lack Of Oval Office Leadership | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

NBC News Nashville Taqueria Porter Ken Dulaney and has been reporting on today’s rather short white house meeting on Election security his story right now is on nbcnews.com it’s headline the Trump Administration has no Central strategy for election security and no InCharge can thanks for joining me today great CR thanks for having me your story digs in deeper than just what is blatantly odd about this meeting and it’s it’s brevity a walk us through what former and turn officials are telling you some great scoop some great feat of investigative reporting this is simply talking to folks and listening to Cabinet officials talk in public about their efforts to combat foreign election interference and what they say like for example the Department of Homeland Security secretary and interview with our own Peter Alexander in Aspen talk about the things that DHS is doing working with the states on Election security but then she said but you know what that’s enough we really need a hold of God strategy what you didn’t say was there isn’t one but that’s what everybody you talk to about this has said and I was flabbergasted when the White House released a statement tonight they said that there has been such a strategy since Donald Trump took office I haven’t found anyone who’s ever seen that strategy to talk to a lot of people who say that no such strategy existing what do I mean by that look the FBI is doing things they have they’ve created a foreign influence passport they are trying to focus on this problem on the Russians and others interfering in our policy the Russians are on social media as we speak manipulate American public opinion the NSA the National Security Agency has said that they are stepping up the reference in cyberspace most of that is secret but we don’t have anything that knits this together and we have no leadership from the old and this is the kind of issue that really requires it because there are some really hard problems like you know the Russians playing on Twitter and Facebook those are private companies that are First Amendment issues that play there maybe there may be required changes in Lost public policy issues and when you don’t have the executive branch leadership on this you really lose the power of the federal government you don’t have a strategy have different agencies trying to do what they can and don’t forget some of these officials testified to Congress including frisk the FBI director that they had never been asked by the president to tackle Russian election interference so it’s hard to tell what they talking about when they say there had a strategy from day one centralized is our elections so they didn’t get a ton of attention was it was a proposal in the house to put 380 million into the state state efforts to combat this I led by democrats that was defeated by Republican how much does this effort also require upgrading what states can handle in the Mueller investigation is revealed how how these country back efforts are going after individual states that may not have the Cyber know how right now yeah I mean every state officially talk to you soon as they need more money they need upgraded technology they need more resources but I actually think that sort of boner abilities of state election systems are troubling when you think of the ways the Russians attack the election they did hack into the attempted it to breach 21 states and they got in the seven that may have been the least effective method that they use those are the most effective was they hacked the Democratic National Committee they have they stole their emails and they release them and then the second most effective are you Lee was there manipulation of public opinion social-media is really even hard to measure how much influence that had on the election in that still going on they may they may not touch collection database this time around for their own reason but they are everyday playing on social media there’s a website called Hamilton 68 that measures some of it on Twitter and their and they’re trying to divide Americans on Race on guns on all sorts of issues Dan coats of National Intelligence gave a speech the other day and he said this is happening their interfering R politics would even say was there’s really nothing that we’re doing. We haven’t deterred we the US government has not deter this Behavior at all and then pack of Claire mccaskill suggest that the Russians are not deterred from trying again to hack into Political campaigns either are we look at some of the footage that looks different overtime you think about what’s for learning about mccaskill it’s just scratching the surface and we’re just only about a hundred days out from these midterm so a lot going on Ken Dulaney and NBC news reporters thanks for being here on a Friday night I bet you she ate it thanks a lot when you talk to the US Congress someone quite close to this present maybe about to find out more on that in a minute stay with us running out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
While various agencies within the federal government are taking steps to fortify elections in the United States against cyber attacks, the effort is hindered by a lack of leadership at the top from Donald Trump. Ken Dilanian, NBC News national security reporter discusses.
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U.S. Election Security Suffers For Lack Of Oval Office Leadership | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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