U.S. Allies Wary As President Donald Trump Criticizes NATO | NBC Nightly News

I’m Richard angle tonight following president Trump’s criticism the UK announced it’s sending over 400 more soldiers to fight alongside US troops in Afghanistan part of NATO’s Mission there and when not fighting is preparing we were there for recent drills right on Russia’s doorstep this display of military might is about sending a message to Russia and it’s increasingly nervous Neighbors but any attack will immediately send powerful American warships roaring into battle needlewood mitts it has an over-reliance on the United States for its funding and resources but tonight allies for your president Trump’s constant Uber cost is just the beginning it’s fat and sloppy I think president Trump is fundamentally undermining the transatlantic Alliance he questions the value of the alliance nation’s worried especially small ones close to Russia in Latvia volunteers are joining the National Guard in record numbers and in Norway a hit TV show imagines of future under Russian be patient that may be a stretch but from many and your native was seen as more vital now than ever Richard Engel NBC News YouTube channel hear it click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
NATO admits that it has an “over-reliance on the U.S.” for its funding and resources, but allies say President Trump’s request for them to pay more could strain longstanding relationships.
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U.S. Allies Wary As President Donald Trump Criticizes NATO | NBC Nightly News

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