Two Toronto rappers dead in downtown shooting

the easygoing mood of Canada Day weekend came to an abrupt halt went shots rang out yesterday evening in the Heart of the City just a couple of weeks after another shocking shooting at a playground here is where yesterday’s attack happened usually very busy so it was strange to see this on Queen Street today was sealed off for blocks as police investigated to see not far from the city’s best known landmarks three people were shot two of them have died NBC’s Natalie danowski has more on who is involved they tried to come to terms with what they saw I seen one young black man fall to the ground three people were shot a woman was injured two men killed today please release their names twenty-one-year-old Javonte smart and twenty-eight-year-old earnest both known in the hip hop Community especially smart who went by the name Smoke Dog they’re definitely making pretty big pretty big waves here in piranha big enough to tour with Drake in 2017 the six is own released this on Instagram saying all the inner lights being extinguished lately is devastating I wish peace would watch over our city the city’s mayor address the violence and also pushed for tougher Bale rules are the only ones that pose a threat to the safety the city government housing project raising speculation this video some house Parkside neighborhood War but experts warn against linking hip-hop and violence a world States for hip-hop in a lot of things if you guys rock the boat in their songs not are are violent than that but that’s just because they’ve been around it but it’s not a silly something. I think any of them were trying to promote or or or glorify police aren’t saying whether they have suspects in mind but they are appealing to the public asking anyone with information or video to come forward Natalie Munoz key CBC News Toronto hominy in the summer but the murder stats in Toronto this year are troubling last night shooting brought the city’s homicide count to 50 so far in 2018 last year by July 1st that number was 23
Two Toronto rappers are dead after a shooting downtown. CBC’s Natalie Nanowski reports.
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