Two starkly different realities for migrants crossing into the U.S.

Maria sacchetti I cover immigration for the Washington Post and I’m in McAllen Texas is a Border Town with Mexico and we’re covering the recent arrivals of immigrants from Central America other parts of Latin America who I have cross the border illegally are there any open to dramatically different places so more behind me and it’s Dark Tower it’s a federal courthouse where they’re being prosecuted criminally and sent to jail for crossing the border illegally several have been separated from their chill the judge today told him he hopes they will be reunited with them and some of them are serving just time served but some of them are going to go to jail for 2 months or 3 months because they repeatedly tried to come across the border one man in particular kept trying to cross because his mother is dying of cancer she was the United States she’s just a few months to live and he was sentenced to two months in in jail behind us is Catholic Charities humanitarian Respite Center and there is a very different situation to people driving there have been released ankle bracelets to make sure that they show up for their court hearing from you your check in with immigration officials but they go in and there’s a big TV it’s playing with soccer games the clothes baby clothes diapers boxes of toothpaste food and they get to sleep and have a shower and get some orientation there being there if they can’t find their way home where their new home in United States where they wait for their Court hearings in Immigration Court to see if they can stay so one striking thing about being in this world is just a few yards apart interfacing starkly different Futures the ones who are at the shelter or getting a welcome they’re going to the bus station in their Fanny out across the country and they’re going to have a chance to ask a judge to let them stay in the United States xylem and they can bring their families to safety but the people behind me are federal prisoners their prison numbers are going to jail tonight and they’re going to end up after that and immigration detention will be deported two countries fear for their lives

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