Tucker: Campaign against ICE is campaign for open borders

people were shot and killed several more injured at a newspaper in Annapolis Maryland this afternoon to information is coming in to Fox of it confusing we’re sorting out we also expect an update from the police in Extreme as well take you there live when that happens but first good evening in Tucker Carlson tonight there was an ideological Revolution on the left this week and hardly anybody noticed it for months she may have noticed members the progressive friends have been calling for abolishing ice at the agency responsible for enforcing on immigration laws that’s not a mainstream position obviously and Democratic leaders seemed embarrassed by it Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer oppose the idea so do many others everything changed two days ago was self-described socialist called Alexandria ocasio-cortez unexpectedly won the Democratic Primary in New York acacio Cortez ran on abolishing Ice suddenly in days getting rid of ice something many Democrats say they are for the midterm elections are approaching so it’s time for the rest of us to take this idea seriously if the left killed ice the facts about ice ice is responsible for call Immigration enforcement within the United States last year ice arrested 30 2958 illegal immigrants with criminal records almost 5,000 of those were members of violent gangs without ice all of those criminals still be at large within our borders last year ice also seized 2370 lb of fentanyl that’s the narcotic that is driving the single deadliest drug prices in the history of this country that’s enough fentanyl to kill ever single American citizens by overdose that fentanyl would still be in circulation and of course Isis also the body responsible for deporting anybody illegally inside the United States last year ice removed more than 226 thousand people who broke American law I did that because ice is the only agency we have to do it without I use criminal aliens could stay in this country with impunity gang members drug smugglers child molesters convicted murderers they could not deported company’s meanwhile could bring in an unlimited number if it illegal workers that would crash wages for American citizens even more than it already has would be a disaster but it’s the point that campaign against ice is it campaign open borders in summer honest enough to admit that during protest against he ministration activists have chanted this no borders no Nations stop the deportations no borders no Nations one leads to the other always Without Borders nations are impossible to live in your house would it still be your house no it would not be it would be everybody’s house soon it would be nobody’s house that’s the last America finally they are saying it out loud
Tucker: There was an ideological revolution on the Left this week. For months, progressives have called for the abolition of ICE. Without ICE, criminal aliens could stay here with impunity. They couldn’t be deported. Companies, meanwhile, could bring in an unlimited number of illegal workers, crashing wages for American citizens. But that’s the point, isn’t it? #Tucker

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