Trump’s tweet contradicts himself on immigration vote

take a look at this tweet from president Trump on Saturday he tweeted I never pushed the Republicans in the house to vote for the immigration Bill goodnight one or two that’s referring to legislation but just 3 days before that House Republicans immigration bill is Goodlife too I mean just a complete contradiction and I know this is one of the things that you as a Conservative Republican who is a trump skeptic are concerned about just the standard of truth that is being eroded is confusing there is no game plan to secure the border and do anything but play politics with this issue on both sides and so get things done that’s a tweet shows that he has no capability of doing so this is why we can’t believe what he says Capital when he came down to talk to Republicans of the closed-door session and as he was walking out try to talk to the president this policy I saw firsthand the press conference he did were you one of my colleagues are talking about the the immigration plan is the hard part in dealing with this present is constant line and what can we trust and not trust when we run at Gettysburg Republicans are concerned because he should have taken the deal a little bit of a little bit of wall money for a DACA DACA deal and immigration citizenship and the Democrats Trump created the crisis with us and then he asked wait a minute he asked for a bipartisanship he was given by parts of senators on both sides came to him and said hey here’s what we have they propose you’re about as whole countries from African and Brown and Brown country is right and he is so contradictory wouldn’t when he said one thing and then big game today President Obama unconstitutional put for the DACA program for parents and they were in the process of solution we can 1 more drink
President Donald Trump posted a tweet that appears to contradict his previous call for House Republicans to pass the GOP immigration bill known as Goodlatte II, renewing criticism that he can’t be trusted.

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